Neowin Giveaway: Red Orchestra 2

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad is the just released PC exclusive sequel to the cult hit WWII first person shooter from developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive. The game is definitely more realistic than other shooters and is for the gamer who might appreciate something a bit deeper in terms of game mechanics. It centers on the Battle of Stalingrad and the surrounding operations from July 1942 to February 1943, from both the German and Russian sides and features both a deep multiplayer mode and single player campaigns for both sides. Now 10 of Neowin's readers will be able to win a Steam code that will enable them to download a full regular edition of the game.

This new giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. We will randomly select 10 winners and email them the Steam codes. Obviously you will need to have your own Steam account in order to download the game. There are three ways to enter and you can enter once per day.

  1. Make a post below. We'd like to hear why you deserve to win a Red Orchestra 2 Steam code, although this is not required.
  2. Re-tweet this post with the above Tweet button and add @RedOrchestraTweet to the end of the tweet.
  3. You can also gain an additional entry by "liking" us on Facebook if you haven't already done so (one entry only).

The contest will end on Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 pm EST. We would like to thank Tripwire Interactive for providing us with the Red Orchestra 2 Steam codes for this newest giveaway. Good luck.

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I deserved to win because I support the less flashy franchises. I am fed up of Battlefield and COD titles. I need something fresh and more rooted with history to appreciate the suffering and agony of WW2 soldiers defending their country from the Nazi horde.

I got hooked on Red Orchestra one when a friend purchased it for me, and I later purchased it for another friend and got him hooked. Unfortunately none of us are in the financial situation to buy more than one copy, they got their own but I have been unable for some time to get the funds for it. AC breaking took priority. I'm not going to say I deserve it, because, I don't believe anyone can really deserve it, but I would be very appreciative if I were to receive a copy so I could go play with my friends and join in in the awesomeness that Tripwire has put out.

I deserve a copy for the following reason: in a few short months I will be getting married, and unfortunately a new game is not in the budget. However two of my old gamer friends that I've known for 12 years, and I have sadly drifted apart from in the last 2 years, suddenly gave me a call last night and said they wanted to start the gaming group back up again. They could not stop talking about this game and how it was the best war game they have ever played (and we for the most part only play war game, all of them from America's Army to Battlefield to Call of Duty). It would be great to receive a free copy so that me and my friends can get back together and play what they say is the best war game ever made.

well to be honest i already bought red orchestra 2 and an extra copy for a friend but the reason why i want this key would be the fact that i want to give it away to my other friend from 4-5 years ago who just doesn't have the money to pay for video games.

Well, thanks to TW, I'm now aware of Neowin and made an account here in order to get my own opportunity to get a free copy of RO2 (I'd lie if it wasn't for that) but since I'm here, I might as well take a look at its content everyday~

I should have known about Neowin earlier, looks like a nice website.

As we vaguely remember the outcome of ww2, my grandfather fought his battle in real. Even got captured and sent for 2years in slave camp, where more people he know died starving, but he had hope to return home to my grandma and that kept him alive.
All the wars in world can not compare to sadness and suffering of ww2, I hope gamers will learn to respect their ancestors as they had to pick a side or were forcefull draged to fight with real weapons.
I want RO2 to feel at least a tiny bit of rush from driving digital-real ww2 tank.

Why should I win? Because I'm not awesome, although I'd like to be!

And also, I'm a big fan of FPS games and liked the first Red Orchestra. Also, I can make myself a cup of tea. That's just epic, isnt't it?! I could propably make you guys one too! Unfortunately for real I can't. But I would. Seriously.

How about:
I'm kinda all over achievements and I want to finish all of them in Red Orchestra 2. HARDCORE! Let's do 'em all!

I deserve a key because I've never won anything in a contest but a louse snapple cd holder from a cap. Red Orchestra is probably one of the best fps games ever made. just wish I wasn't too broke to buy it now

Red orchestra 1 was the greatest game of all time and the new one will be a great game also.

No other game is so realistic like RO and that game is what have the best teamplay because you need teamplay in such a game . No noob cod kidis come playing because thats a game where you need skill and a cool mind.

Tripwire put all their heart's blood in to this game and they havent big publisher like battlefield with ea where a lot of people work on the games.

Maybe its not the best graphic because the game only work on dx 9 altough the Unreal engine 3 works with dx 10 also but i think its a great job what Tripwire did and i hope the guys keep working on the game to make it a real great game till the next one comes out.

Why i want a key ?

Because i want show all people what great game this is !

I deserve to win because my girlfriend's leaving me to advance her career in Argentina, and if I can't wake up next to her anymore I at least want to be able to shoot Nazis.

A man must have SOME pleasures in life.

Also, my great-grandfather was a prisoner of war in WWII.

Pick me!

I 'deserve' this game because I have always found the basal shooters like COD rather unrewarding. Bad Company 2 was a slight improvement but this looks like exactly what I need, namely hours of being brutally murdered before finally getting my first kill, which in all honesty would probably be as a result of putting the final bullet in a guy my team have heavily weakened.

Cheers for the giveaway.

Count me in. I deserve it because I have been a fan of Red Orchestra for the long time.

As well as that, I am interested in WW2 history, so good (and most importantly realistic) shooter set in this period is invaluable.

I believe I deserve to win because friends call me Komisar, and always obbey my orders. In mother Russia Hot Potatoes were used for training instead of grenades during WWII. Here is the reason;

Komrad asks - Why are we using Potatoes instead of Grenades?
Komisar replies - Because Grenades are more worth it then you are!

I want this because I loved the first one (and still play it), and due to financial difficulties I am unable to buy a single thing on Steam

This game is brilliant and great fun.

To those who complain about SMGs, they are realistic. The mp40 was deadly up to 150 meters, while the PPSH up to 200. Damn inaccurate most likely, but deadly. They are still very powerful, as the ranges often do not go over that. One way of dealing with this, and I believe people have been saying this in the forum is to reduce the amount of them available.

Secondly, the game is exhaustive and more so probably than anything you have played. You will be using your noggin more than any other game, and squinting for those emerald green ******* like a half-blind hawk. After 2 hours you need to rest.

My third point is the most important, and it is a fair bit of criticism to the players who play. I am in no way a RO1 veteran only started playing this Beta, but it is infuriating when people just play as lone wolfs when the game has a squad system which is potent. It is a bit clunky and broken, but its potent. The potential for big flanking manoeuvres are there if people listen to their squad leaders and commanders, but no everyone precedes to just run around like chickens and more often than not not being where they should. This is will hopefully be better with time, but at the moment it is pretty difficult to get a good squad going, unless you already got friends to play with.

Great game!

I want this for my friend ..

Thanks for the giveaway. Good Luck Everyone

tweeted @Mauzer0 and like of course ;D

I think I deserve to win because I was a HUGE fan of the original mod, all my friends have this latest edition and are raving about it, but due to just having a baby I can't afford to part with the cash to be able to join them! So, I'll swap my new born for it

I deserve this game because look at my current Steam rating...

Playing time: 0 hrs past 2 weeks

and I'm not a 0 day member like 50% of above!

Would love to give this game a go... I deserve to have it because it would make a nice addition to my *empty* Steam account

I deserve this game because it's awesome, I live in the middle of nowhere and to lower my stress levels after dealing with all the moaning and BS at work! Liked your facebook and retwitted. Wish you all the best of luck and thank you for this giveaway

nice, I do like it very much, I don't want to appeal to monetary issue, but I can say I enjoy the genre very much, I have the original Red orchestra and also Killing floor from the same company

I Deserve This Game, since The economy is so bad in the United States, and Unable to afford much this year due to being disabled, and would make a nice early Christmas Present For myself,

I played previous Red Orchestra version free weekend but could never afford to buy it

Top stuff to the guys at Neowin and Tripwire!

It's my birthday today! On top of all of the awesomeness, this would be the icing on the cake.

10 copies?! Quite a giveaway! Thank U. I played the hell out of CS 1.6 2000 hours. I deserve to win because I need a new FPS to play.

This was one of the most important battles of WW2. The intense battles in the streets of Stalingrad must've been insane.

I'd like to get this one... I'm really interested in WW2 stuff in general...

I deserve to win because I've been a member of Neowin since 2003 and because I am running out of money for all these awesome games coming out this year.

I deserve this because it would make my 1894 Mosin-Nagant and Nagant Revolver proud! And because this was one of the greatest battles of mankind and deserves respect, and I am pretty sure I have played every game that has portrayed this is history so far.

Though, I am not poor, so I would end up buying it anyway if I do not win, but I guess I can try my luck!

OMG : A Chance to win a Nice FPS

I Deserve to win become... I Love Neowin
I Love Steam
I am cool
I Left a message that made a little sense lol
I just wana write how cool this completion is nice. Good luck everyone.

I'm a vet in that era. Would be awesome to relive those scenes in my head on a game that's a little more realistic than others.

Haven't played a WW2 game since the original COD. I have been folowing this game for quite a while and would love to paly it. Good luck to everyone, hope I win tho =D

I deserve it because my friends still stop nagging me to get it to play with them. And that will make me happy! You want to make me happy, don't you, Neowin?

Iv`e only just opened a Steam account and would like to try a few games (such as this one) to get a flavour of the service offered. I feel i`m a worthy candidate for this opportunity.

Would love to win this game, I have already liked Neowin on Facebook but would do it again if I could! Looks like a great game, I think I deserve it because I'm a big fan of games with complex mechanics and have been a supporter of Neowin for a while now!

I always support weaker team, so I'd lend hand to Russkies to fight menace of MKB killer rifle.
That's why I deserve my copy.

As a long standing fan of Tripwire and the Red Orchestra franchise, I believe I deserve a copy due to my dedication. My excuse to not having my own copy yet is simple: I haven't had money to spare for a good deal of time. It pains me to login to Steam and see my friends play RO2 without me

Why do i deserve a free copy? Well.. i dont know that i do but i do know that i'm so bad at FPS i can't justify paying for my own

The history period is particularly interesting and has so many exciting posibilities if well used, great that they use the eastern front that we [westerners] are often so unfamiliar with. Also from the game design side, they seem to be one of the few actually trying to enhance the genre with new ideas. So yeah might as well try! ^^

Why do I deserve to win a copy? Well, I don't, if I'm honest. But still, it would be nice to win to a copy. Would it increase my chances if I promise to record a load of gameplay footage if I win a copy?

I deserve this because I'm a history student, currently on my masters degree in which I'm writing a thesis about Stalingrad and I really think it will help me complete my paper.

I like free stuff, i deserve it because im poor, i cant afford all these new games coming out this year i even had to pre-pay for BF3 7 months ago because i dunno if i would have the money in october when it releases.

Nice idea for a giveaway. Seen the game on Steam for weeks but must admit I haven't heard of it before.

Someone is bound to claim they deserve it because they posted first though.