Neowin Giveaway: Tribes Ascend closed beta codes

Last year, developer Hi-Rez Studios announced it had acquired the rights to release new games in the classic Tribes sci-fi shooter series. In 2012, their first game, Tribes: Ascend, will launch as a free-to-play multiplayer shooter for the PC. The closed beta test for the game begins today and Neowin has 25 beta codes that we want to give to some lucky readers.

The closed beta build of Tribes: Ascend will include two initial class options, the Soldier and the Ranger, but players will be able to permanently unlock 10 additional classes. There will be two gameplay modes in the closed beta (CTF and Rabbit), three vehicles and more. Additional content and features will be added to the closed beta in the coming weeks and players invited into the closed beta will have their character rank, class unlocks, and skill progression preserved when the game moves into its open beta mode and later into its full release.

This new giveaway is open to everyone worldwide. We will randomly select 25 winners and email them the beta codes along with instructions on how to download the beta client. There are three ways to enter and you can enter once per day.

  1. Make a post below. We'd like to hear why you deserve to win a Tribes Ascend code, although this is not required.
  2. Re-tweet this post with the above Tweet button and add @TribesAscendTweet to the end of the tweet.
  3. You can also gain an additional entry by "liking" us on Facebook if you haven't already done so (one entry only).

The contest will end on Monday, November 7 at 11:59 pm EST. We would like to thank Hi-Rez Studios for providing us with the Tribes Ascend closed beta codes for this newest giveaway. Good luck.

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If I don't get the key, I will be forced to pick up my IRL hobby of jet packing on mountain slopes to get my skiing fix.

What Novakaine said, except I'm not wearing shorts. Ooooooh!

Seriously though... if I win this a beta key, I will be an awesome beta tester. I'm not here simply to play the game before it's released - I actually want to be a part of making Tribes: Ascend the best possible playing experience it can be.

Why do I deserve a key? Simple; I don't. I've got too many games to get through at the moment. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to add another one on top of the mountain, even if it is a beta.

I played the first Starsiege Tribes like a religion and have played every tribes game since then.

I am no doubt a veteran in the Tribes community and when i heard about Tribes Ascend, I creamed my shorts. If I don't receive a beta key you'll being saving me another pair of shorts, but honestly it's a price i'm willing to pay for a fix of the new Tribes.


Why would I deserve a key. that's a good question. One that my only answer to is that I've played EVERY game in the Tribes series, and going a step further back I also was a fan of Starseige itself. I'm more than interested in the series and this game itself. After tribes, Tribes 2, And tribes Vengeance (the last being a major let down) I'm curious where Hi-Rez is taking this and want to see this game in action up close and personal. I cant say that I'm deserving of a key. just VERY interested in one.

Hi, I am SlyOne from Neon Sins. I think I deserve the beta key since I created the T2 Duel Mod with the help of my clanmates who tested before the release. Been a huge Tribes fan, played T1 and T2 competitively.

I think I should win because I still have my original Tribes 2 CD from 2001 sitting here right next to me. I'm looking forwards to Ascend.

I can enter daily, right? Because the future of humanity depends on this beta key. I can't tell you how, and I can't tell you why, but we are all doomed if I do not get access to this beta. And it is at this point that I emphatically invite you to think of the children.

I got my alias from Tribes, the original Tribes, back when I had a 475MHz computer with Windows 98SE on it. (I also played Starsiege for quite a long time.)

I've been following Tribes Ascend (not so much Universe) ever since the first announcement teaser.

What's happened since then? Nothing. I've been left out in the cold and completely ignored by Hi-Rez despite being a part of the community before they changed over to the new forums. I suppose this is from not being a paying member of Global Agenda. Of course they'd take paying customers over old veterans of the IP they took over.

I'm not happy.

So many good memories from the original tribes as a poor college student. so many late nights and long weekends saved by my friend, Tribes.

Years of endless fun is how I would describe my Tribes days. But being young comes with certain time advantages, and as time when on real life took priority and I had to hang up my spinfusor. Now finally having some time to get back into gaming, I can think of no better game to lead off on.

Loved the first two, the third, not so much. Looking forward to this one, though. Gameplay looks like it's returned to it's roots. Love this running in Glide on my Voodoo2. First multiplayer game I really enjoyed besides Half-life.

I have been playing the Tribes series since I was 8 years old, now I'm 18 and I am still playing away at all of the Tribes games. I deserve it because no matter what, I'm going to play Tribes until the day that I die.

Hello everyone. i need a beta key because I am still playing the old tribes games but it is now difficult to find server without only bots. And I keep telling my friends who never played tribes that there is no such thing as an equivalent game existing which is so complete (building, vehicules, team strategy, fun)

I need a beta key because the Tribes series delivers an experience no other games have managed to bring forward. I am a big fan of the series and played every game of the series (Tribes / Tribes 2 / Tribes V / and Global Agenda, if it counts, it has jetpacks). I applied back when registration for the game's beta began however Lady Luck did not smile upon me and i was not given one. I'd really like to play Tribes again and Tribes Asend looks like it will provide a lot of entertainment, and i miss the satisfaction of a mid-air spinfusor kill shot.

I like ranting on subjects and T:A is a very good source for them. However it would seem like I'm now running out of fuel and beta access to T:A and seeing first hand what cruel things they have done to the title from our childhood memories will surely keep the flame going.

Ive participated in every beta key give away so far and i want to have a key by now ^^
and not because i played tribes 2 and T:V because that is a standard answer xD
And i'm exited to kick some shazbot ass!!

Hey, i think i deserve a key because of the same reason all others think they deserve one
After playing Tribes 1 and 2 it's time again to serve some blue plate special.

i would like to win a beta code, because im a big fan of tribes, and i would like to see the game and the awesome graphics, and it would be great! thanks

I think i deserve the beta access key, because i was the only kid, who played original Starsiege: Tribes in my country (Lithuania) back in 1999, and now i want to try it and spread the news of up-coming Tribes: Ascend around here.

I think i deserve a tribes ascend beta key because this game is great,it gives me a chance to participate in the beta and spread the word out to people that they should really check this game out.Hi-Rez Studios rules!!

I admit I started with Tribes 2. I enjoyed a little bit of Tribes 1 after I played about a year and a half of Tribes 2. I am a complete vet now. I spent so many countless hours on that game just blowing people away with my Spinfusor or Getting someone with one zap from my shocklance from behind. Who could forget how awesome it is to Shock down an incoming Shrike with the Shocklance just moments before it slams into you to make them nose dive into the ground and blow up?

Sadly I was looking forward to Tribes: Vengeance...which turned out to be a HUGE letdown for the Tribes community with it's horrible maps, crappy design, crappy vehicles and countless other things no one liked. Tribes: Vengeance's only redeeming quality was its Storyline, which was surprisingly rich with detail and story lore.

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I must say I am extremely looking forward to this game. I really want to find out for myself how good it is, it looks so good, and it looks like it will bring back the competition that we are all eager to jump into. I want it to end up in the GSL or something major, as this will be one of the only games I'd spend enough time to go pro in!

I'd like a key for the Tribes beta. In a world where we are overrun by realistic tactical shooters, the salvation of classic deathmatch lies solely on Tribes at the moment! I need to be part of that!

I'd like a code for the Tribes Ascend beta because I have been a huge tribes fan since Tribes 2. I've played countless hours of this game with my friends, those of which are in the Tribes Ascend beta right now. I enjoy every aspect of this game, and hope this Tribes lives up to the standards of Tribes 2 (Not vengeance, which was horrrrible). I'd like to help make this game better by testing and reporting bugs, giving any feedback on how I think the game could be better, and playing it like crazy to do this. I've loved this game since I first played it. My friends and I had a Tribe in Tribes 2 and we eventually started doing tournaments. We weren't the best, but we had fun and that's all that matters, right? I want in so that I can enjoy this game with my friends who are currently playing, and to better it. I just love blowing people out of the air with Spin Fusers and can't wait till I can do it again on this epic looking game. If I don't get a key, that's okay. I can wait until it comes out, but I'd really like to get a head start and play with my friends who are really enjoying the game. This game is worth waiting for

I spent tons of hours playing Tribes 2 back when I was in high school. It was the game that got me into online shooter, and it was the only game that has ever gotten me to join a clan and play competitively. I was with clan ^DOM^, Dirty Old Men! I was super hyped for Tribes Vengeance, but it just had so many issues the with multiplayer. Tribes Ascend really has me hyped, it looks like a modern Tribes and I can't wait to play it!

This is the only FPS I am looking forward to other than NS2. Everything else is just the same generic shallow crap with pretty graphics.

I would love the chance to beta test this game! I got on the Tribes bandwagon a bit late, but I have loved the game since I started playing! It would be an honor and a priveladge to play a role in its developmental process, even a small part like testing!

i probably don't deserve a beta key but i really do want a beta key! this is one of the few games that i really want to play! and i didnt get a beta key from hi rez ):

Pick me! I deserve the key b/c I've played Tribes since 1998, but have no key. It makes me a sad panda! Seriously though, I'd love a key, thanks for the consideration.

Hi. I've been a Tribes players since 2001. I've created and lead many competitive teams over a span of 6 years and this is why I deserve a beta key. I would love a chance to play the game and get ready to make this game the next and best competitive game ever. I've played many many games competitively and there is no other game that has such a great competitive, skill and team aspect than Tribes. HOOK ME UP! I can bring many people into this game but I need a chance to show them how amazing this game can be. Tribes for life.

In 6th grade, I bought Tribes Vengeance for my family's new PC. I took it home and put it in to find that the game wouldn't play on the computer. I wanted to play Tribes so badly that I saved my money for a whole year and drug old computers into my basement so I could piece together a rig to play Tribes. This gaming franchise got me into building PC's and now 7 years later and I've built computers for people all over my small town. It would be great to bring back those memories of my first rig by grabbing my spinfusor again and pwning some face again!

Team Ranked 2 in T2 ladder play when people still actually played. Was admin for one of the core T2 servers and it's associated Tribe. Coded scripts, ad-ons and voice-packs many years ago that are still used today in T2. Ran a server for a Heavily modded version of Construction mod. Also did misc scripts, skin packs, reticule packs, and coding for the game out of sheer passion for the game. Am well known as one of the better, more 'unique' bomber pilots in all of Tribes 2. I've been signed up for beta since 2010. In general, I just have a love for the game and the community, even it's evil parts (sandpaper-monitor will be a legend until the end of time). My girlfriend (now wife) had to give a fake eulogy when I was in high school as part of a "values of death and dying" class. No one knew what the hell was going on when she started ranting about how she'd have me buried with a copy of Tribes 2 and how my love and passion was ladder matches where she'd have to sit on the sidelines until the match was done before we'd go on a date, or find herself a more entertaining boyfriend. She'd always opt to sit silently, and win or lose, *******s were abound. I love my wife... but only because she never made me choose between her and my other true love. Tribes.

I've been playing Tribes since 2002, I love the series; it was my first foray into true online gaming, and I got my first gaming PC because of it. I would love a beta key, as I have been a true fan of Tribes for as long as I can remember.

My unborn child contacted me in my dream and commended me for my ski skills and wishes for me to be the designated flag carrier.

Hoping for brownie points for beta invitation...
I played Tribes2 as one of my first FPSes, and it instilled in my mind a love of huge tactical battlefield shooters. I even played the construction mod in it like a fiend, and loved every second of it. I'm getting sick of the 'realistic' shooters that are clogging the gaming world now, and this looks like both the breath of fresh air and excellent nostalgia that I need You would make my YEAR with an open beta key and I would be honored and THRILLED to receive one.

My whole body long for the day that i will be able to take off again in a first person shooter! Long i have thirst to kill some bioderm with mid-air shot! The past 10 years have been a deception of boring repetitive grounded one-hit kill modern/ww2 games with no sense of skill except being good at hiding and aiming (and hope that your bullet arrive first)... Please deliver me from this realistic "gaming" (simulation?) world and give me some real gaming, some good old spinfusor duels in the air!

I have been a hardcore Tribes fan since Tribes 1. As in, there is absolutely no game that has ever been made that I hold with as high regards as I do the Tribes series. Being that I am a very poor college student with very little financial resources, I cannot justify purchasing a VIP pass for a game that will be free to play when released, but I would KILL for this beta key. Seriously. Does somebody need to disappear? Cheating spouse? Evil boss? Pesky neighbor? Because I'll do it, I swear.

I know that grovel is pathetic, but.... PLEEEAAAASE! For the love of all that is holy, please give me a beta key. Please. Pretty please. I swear to Christ, I want this code more than 90% of the people here. Plus, I'm a 26 year old computer programming major, so you can be assured that I will use the beta for its intended purpose - identifying and reporting bugs and glitches.


I want a beta-key because I am too poor to afford a VIP pre-order, and I'm sick and tired of pwning noobs on COD and not being able to proclaim my victory by saying "Shazbot!"

Would love to beta test this game. my fist ever pc game was the first Tribes game and omg that launched me into pc gaming!

When i was younger i used to play Tribes 1 and it was the best Fps out there, but then like every other game it started getting old really fast. When i heard about Tribes 2 i wanted to get on this game real fast. Unfortunately though i didn't get a beta key so if you can get me a beta key i will well appreciate it.

I guess i am one of the few people who liked Tribes Vengeance and hates the way the community let the game die, i need my tribes fix, gimme gimme beta key

Played T1 to death, played T2 till only a few were left and played T:V for 5 mins because that's all it deserved! Keen to get back into tribes!

I deserve a beta key because.....I registered for this site and everything life is insanely boring right now ;-; please give me a key to kill this boredom

First game I ever played on a pc was tribes a buddy at school introduce me to it and that was that start of my online gaming over the internet ever since than I played every tribes game out there and also made great friends over the game would love to test out and enjoy the beta of the new tribes and remember the good old days

I was an alpha tester for Global Agenda and pre-ordered it. I feel like just because I don't have a level 50 character in the game, I'm being cheated out of my chance to socialize with the core community of what is likely to be my next big game, before the release.

Had hope for the Diablo III beta but Quebec is excluded from the sweepstakes. It's not the case with you guys! Thumbs up! I may have a chance!

The first game I ever got into was Tribes 2. Used to play that for hours (including all nighters when I was in a guild). Awesome game!

Normally I wouldn't have time to play games, but last week I was injured playing football (soccer) and it looks like I'll be out of sports for a few months (at least). I could use a distraction other than my university work.
/sad story over!

Me Please... I used to love Tribes 2... in fact I bought two copies of it after losing my first CD, then found the original... would love an early blast from the past

I'll make my opponents take their index finger and their thumb and lightly grip the base of their tail and run their fingers along to the tip!

Pull me outta retirement and strap a disc launcher on me. Definitely miss playin the original tribes, played countless hours and would definitely love the opportunity to see and give input on this new rendition.

Everyone keeps telling me how awesome Tribes is/was, never quite got around to trying it out - could be a good opportunity

I think i deserve a Tribes: Ascend closed beta key BECAUSE not only is my GTX 580 hungry to do some graphics rendering, but I love testing betas of any kind and reporting major issues or glitches

I think I deserve a Tribes: Ascend closed Beta Key because .

(Just like "The Emperors New Clothes", only worthy people can read my reason

I have been waiting for this since it was announced. I love that the beta has my two favorite game types. I hope one of those vehicles is the Shrike or something similar. Please please please pick me