Neowin Giveaway: XYplorer Lifetime License - Contest closed

It's time again to give something away to our Neowin readers, this time we have a lifetime license for XYplorer. This giveaway will last 24 hours and will end at 11:59 PM on November 8th (EST). To enter, reply to this post and say what your favorite file manager is and why. You can enter once for this contest, and the winner will be sent a PM with the product key.  

A little bit about XYplorer (which is currently running a 51% off sale), "XYplorer is a multi-tabbed dual pane file manager for Windows, featuring a powerful file search, a versatile preview, a highly customizable interface, and a large array of unique ways to efficiently automate frequently recurring tasks."

Good luck to all who enter!

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My favorite file explorer is Windows Explorer!

Why : Because I don't need to come up with such reasons on Neowin to get a license for it!

My favorite file explorer is Directory Opus, Windows Explorer, and XYplorer last freeware version (that's right! the old good XYplorer). I love XYplorer because of easy to use but very powerful file explorer and manager especially in hotkey like Ctrl+T, like the hotkey on new tab on firefox. Ctrl+N for new folder, like new file in Microsoft Office.

Free Commander works for me. Loved Powerdesk when it was by Mijenix, since they've been bought, it has just been bloatware. I would try XYplorer given the chance

My fav. is total commander. it's a simple software with very powerful queuing capacities. as I almost everyday move files mores than 200gigs from drives, I use it like, always.

Favorite? Windows Explorer, why? As far as I know it is the only Explorer for windows that integrates with the system.

I really would love to find one that that really could take Explorers place as Default as i would love to have tabs and dual panes and so on...

I'm posting this 5 minutes after midnight and i misread and thougt the deadline was Eastern Time. I, as an European, thught you were talking about EET. I quicly realised that Neowin is not really European and you were talking about New York Time and i have plenty of time left.

Windows Explorer under Windows 7 because the search functionality and index is useful and once you get good at creating customized queries you can find anything in an instant.

XYplorer seems very interesting. I've used the trial and it definitely has me thinking how the full version would feel!

I use Windows Explorer since thats what I use but it does not have all the features I need. I would love to use XYplorer as my new file manager

On Windows it would be Windows Explorer since it's the only one I've used so far, but this looks interesting.

Since the dawn of windows, Windows Explorer was the top most used/loved file manager, now in 2010, using the new Windows 7, Windows Explorer is still that lame old useful file manager that everybody still uses. So I would say Windows Explorer, but a new one wouldn't hurt to try ^^.

Directory Opus - it's by far the most powerful file manager there is Wouldn't mind trying XY though (lol)

Directory Opus (DOpus) is my primary file manager with XYPlorer as both my backup and my portable manager carried on USB drives

Windows explorer is my current favorite for now. but the picture of is an indication of what XY explorer looks like, then I will be happy to be the lucky winner.

windows explorer as this is a product I have to support on a daily basis...would love a chance to try XYplorer.

XYPlorer has SCRIPTING! alittle better/powerful than batch file but not as indepth as PowerShell.

Windows Explorer isn't bad, but I prefer something with a little more punch. I've tried Q-Dir (a little too much for my tastes) and xplorer2-lite in the past and am currently using Free Commander (I prefer the dual window interface) and recently installed Explorer++ which looks similar to XYplorer in a lot of ways.

windows Explorer, also used total commander in the past But i like Win Explorer the most. love to get this maybe it works great ;d

As the question didn't specifically mention Windows I'll go a different route. My favourite Android file manager is ES File explorer. It's ability to integrate local and networked folders provides me with a simple, efficient and root enabled file explorer that is awesome

Most of the times I just use the Windows Explorer (mainly because it can be called upon by pressing window+e). If I need to do stuff where I need two windows I use Speed Commander. i haven't tried this one yet. Maybe I will download the trial to try it out.

I've been using Q-Dir because it's free but I'd love to have XYplorer, the trial gave me a good impression.

So far I've used Windows Explorer and Directory Opus for a short time...But found it to be too complicated for my needs. Haven't tried XY Explorer but would be happy to

On Unix-like systems, I tend to use the command line, because it's faster. On Windows, I use Windows Explorer, because it's there, and because the command line in Windows just isn't very good.

Explorer.exe, simple, fast and easy to use...what else do you need?
This thing here is just a big monster with features you will maybe use one time in a century.
I will NEVER switch, even if i win here

Altap Salamander is my current file manager of choice. Minimalist in looks, but quite feature packed.

But.. who knows? There's always a new one who could do better... ^^

Total Commander was always one of my favourites. I like it mainly because of the short cuts, short keys and the customisation features that it provides. You have total control from one window.

My favorite file manager was Windows Explorer.. since Windows 3.1 which is called a File Manager if i'm not mistaken.

Can't wait to receive XYplorer Lifetime License! thanks Neowin!

XYplorer is a powerfull tool for anything more advanced than simple file browsing. And all of this in a fast and compact interface- clearly my favorite filemanager !

My favorite is Windows Explorer.

First, it's already included with windows, and secondly it doesn't cost anything more. I do have the current standard licence of XY, I use it to search hidden and system folders. It's nice and was a gift. Would be nice to have a lifetime licence..

I'm using Total Commander because it has dual panels, tabs, fast keyboard navigation, built in compression support, remote downloading from FTP/URLs and is fast.

Windows - Windows Explorer
Mac - Finder

Just because they're the defaults and I've never seen a need to change. Now if I were to win this, I would probably change my mind...

I've tried out XYplorer and found it to be superb, but have never purchased it. Personally I like using the Explorer in Windows 7. To me, the smartest thing they (Microsoft) did was put a button for New Folder on the toolbar. Everything else I use the keyboard for, such as Delete, Cut, Copy and Paste. The other great thing about Explorer in 7 is that you can throw Windows on either side and then start moving or copying files from one location to another. But XYplorer would be a super terrific thing to have!

I've used XYplorer trial in the past and liked it for its advanced features and tabs. I'm currently using Windows Explorer but would love to win a license for XYplorer.

Been using Windows Explorer because it has been working and I'm still on XP. I used Nautilus when I was using Ubuntu.

XYplorer because it free me from the limited functionality that Windows Explorer have and I never looked back since!

My favorite file manager for the desktop is xplorer2 which I've been using for the last month. My trial just ended so this giveaway comes at a great time.

Of course, my *favorite* file manager is Resco for Windows Mobile because it's slicker and faster than any I've used on any other platform.

Windows Explorer is my favorite because it covers 99% of my needs. While other file managers may cover 100% of what I need, I would have to configure them extensively before they would feel just right. Explorer already feels just right.

Directory Opus here as well, been using it for more than 15 years now. Great file manager. No need to count me in. Nice give away though.

Used to be Dopus (Directory Opus). It was great. Since it also supports different plugins for different things / file formats.

I've used Windows Explorer for as long as I can remember because it's native to Windows.
I've never thought about trying a different file manager before...
Even if I don't win I'll definitely give XYplorer a shot.

I like command prompt (on Windows) or any regular terminal window (on Linux) - it confuses people when they're watching over my shoulder, and that usually is enough of a clue for them to realize that I want them to quit watching over my shoulder.

And when people aren't watching over my shoulder, I just use explorer like everyone else - it's free, simple, and gets the job done.

Learning to use Windows Explorer via the keyboard is also good for confusing people!

Edit: I'm not intentionally entering this giveaway!

Edited by DonC, Nov 8 2010, 11:18am :

xplorer² Lite is my favorite filemanager, why? Well it's fast in execution and it's interface makes it easy and quick to use, its also very configurable.

Windows Explorer in 7 is my new File Manager, before I used this great one for XP but its been 2 years now so I dont remember it anymore.

But this looks very interesting, I would like to win it XD