Neowin hands on: Seesmic for Windows

Neowin met with Seesmic founder Loic Le Meur today at Microsoft's Professional Developers conference.

Loic gave us a great walk through of the recently announced Seesmic for Windows WPF application that is launching later today. Seesmic is a social networking application primarily used to access Twitter and Facebook. The application took just four months to develop in comparison to six months for the Adobe Air application. Seesmic is also planning a Silverlight version for next year which will be cross platform. Microsoft is due to detail Silverlight 4 enhancements and it's clear that Seesmic and Microsoft have been working closely on these recent announcements and will continue to do so in future.

According to Loic "Microsoft has provided great support to help us get started on the Microsoft platform. I would just like to thank the team who has been working with us to make it possible for us to deliver a product in such a short period of time."

We took a hands on look at the application before its availability. The build will be available today and will be updated regularly over the coming weeks. Currently it is one of the first to support Twitter lists and Facebook support is coming "in a few weeks" according to Loic. There will also be an add-ons section for Seesmic allowing third party developers to extend the capabilites of Seesmic for Windows. Seesmic for Windows is also one of the first mainstream Windows Presentation Foundation applications for Windows.

If you are interested in downloading Seesmic for Windows then please register your interest at Seesmic where the application preview will be available later today.

Neowin reporter Andrew Lyle contributed to this report

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I did quite like this program when I loaded it up, but since then my account was compromised and tweets were made from my account without me knowing. This is the only place I'd put my password so I'm blaming it.

Im a bit annoyed, I got the email from them giving me a download link, but when I click on it all I get its "DNS Error".

Is there any way around this, or is something up with their servers?

I find it interesting that developers are now extending glass into the client area more and more. If done right, this can look good. I just hope that this doesn't become a gimmick.... In this case and the case of Paint.Net I like the use of glass.

I used to use this a while ago, but stopped as it wouldn't always pick up friends updates, which is a shame as liked it otherwise.

Got my invite as well. It looks nice but doesn't run very well also I don't get notifications on anything. I'll stick with Seesmic Desktop until this version gets polished a little more.

Finally, got my invite. Lookin' good so far. Could use a few improvements, but nothing major.





Seesmic is a social networking application primarily used to access Twitter and Facebook.


Finally! 5th paragraph into the article I finally know WTF Seesmic is.

Fish said,
Forgive my ignorance... This is like TweetDeck?

... and a number of other similar apps. I personally used yet another app like this developed in Abobe Air before.

My problem was that none I've seen yet offer the full functionality of the supported web service, especially as these services tend to evolve fast. So I always end up using the original services instead of the application that just "summarize" them and handcuffs you.

They often seem to take the "lowest common denominator" approach for the web service support, so sure, if all you want is to use Facebook like Twitter, it's all good. Never mind the services are very different.