Neowin HP Giveaway, enter now!

The HP Magic Giveaway has begun on Neowin today.

The HP Magic Giveaway, is a competition that enables 50 top blogs to run their own contests to give away 50 prize packages whose value exceeds $6000. Microsoft and HP have decided, Neowin is one of the top blogs, and we will be participating in this giant giveaway.

Neowin's giveaway has begun today and the competition will last 1 week. We are asking members to make the Neowin logo out of real life elements and make it look as magical as possible. You could make the logo out of bananas, chairs or anything you can get your hands on. Be as creative as possible and take a picture of the finished product. Here's an example of a magical Neowin logo from the real world we are looking for:

Everyone who is registered at is free to enter and the prize list can be found below:

You may have noticed that the HP TouchSmart is absent in our giveaway, we have a reason for this. We plan to donate this system to a children's hospice in the spirit of giving and sharing during this holiday giveaway. We have not chosen the exact charity yet but we are in discussions with several charities in the UK who provide care and comfort to children with terminal illnesses and incurable conditions. Our aim is to present the PC to the charity and document its use. We will provide the system with a test version of Windows 7 for the charity to use temporarily and will interview the children and workers to see what the potential benefits of touch based computing, with Windows 7 and HP's TouchSmart system, could bring. After our visit we will revert the system back to Vista until Windows 7 is RTM. Further details of the Charity and our coverage of this will be forthcoming.

For full details of our contest and a chance to enter please visit our entry page. If you would like to view the current entries in the competition then please click here (note, private entries will not be displayed until the closing date).

Don't forget you can also enter every other sites contest to ensure you have a better chance of winning. Check out the schedule below. Good luck!

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View: View current entries

Courtesy of Long Zheng

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Emm... how can I view the current entries? I get this error when I try:
"Sorry Pupik, your usergroup (Registered) does not have permission to access this area."

I dont think your supposed to have acess until the contest closes....its to help keep all entries unique and not an improvment on one that has already been submitted

A small doubt, please answer guys...
Do i have to make only the Neowin Logo (The rounded Neowin N) or is also needed the "" inscription elow the logo?
Note that lots of ideas go away if needed the written elements...

Waiting for an answer hn?
Thanks guys

As per the contest rules on the entry page "You may include the text as well but just the logo is the minimum requirement. There are no colour restrictions, just make the logo out of anything real world as long as you're not photoshopping we are happy."

Very generous of you guys to donate the touchscreen computer to a charity. I think it is an absolutely fantastic idea! :D

I'll have to submit an entry for this - better start brainstorming!


@quick reply: are all compititions not a form of marketing?

Good on Neowin for donating the TS HP I say. With people documenting the use of this tool it will benifit the community too so good all round.