Neowin Interview : Ben Goodger, chief developer of Firefox

Recently, Neowin sat down with Ben Goodger, the chief developer of Firefox, and had a good long chat.

Ben talks to us about 1.0 PR, Ben's views (or lack of) on SP2, the future of Firefox / XUL technologies, and much more.

Read on below; stay tuned for our essential guide to tweaking Firefox and getting the best extensions to make you, a happy browser :)

View: Neowin Interview : Ben Goodger

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The attempt to remove the View Source window for example may have been a bad idea, but it showed that we won't (always) pursue ideas in the face of unanimous opposition.

And yet, the unanimous support behind the "print" option in the context menu is repeatedly shot down by only the devs. I've grown to really dislike the dev team because of that simple situation.