Neowin Interview: David Gorman, Creator of ModBlog & DeskMod

In mid-December, David Gorman announced that his ModBlog blogging service had not only gone completely ad-free, but they were also including all previous pay features into all new and current free accounts.

We caught up with David to talk to him at length about ModBlog's decision to go completely free, competing against such service as Microsoft's "Spaces" and LiveJournal, the ressurection of DeskMod and much more.

View: Neowin Interview with David Gorman

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It's cool to see three of my suggested questions made the interview. It's a great read and Gorman is definitely a class act. I can't wait for Deskmod to come back as it really did have a great community feel to it, especially when I was just getting started with things like photoshop and members provided intelligent feedback and constructive criticisms. As for Modblog, it's an amazing service and, while I do have my own personl webspace for my blog, I recommend Modblog to any of my friends who come looking for a blogging service.

LMAO, you ass. I seriously do love Deskmod, though. It's a shame most of my uploads are written works and, besides my blog, um other "art" sites are the only place to upload and the community there is nothing like Deskmod was. It was sort of my home before Neowin. I wouldn't comment much but I looked through so many uploads a day it was nuts.