Neowin Introduces Neowin Members Mail

Today we are proud to launch Neowin Member Mail, powered by Windows Live Hotmail. This service is free and provides our members with one e-mail address from a selection of custom (neowin) domains.

In order to further improve services to members, there are some handy links on the Services page along with the option to sign up to our weekly news letter in conjunction with Techspot, you will start to see further improvements and services added to that page in due course. In short a one stop page for services offered to our members and guest readers.

You will only be able to register one email to your member name here on Neowin, the name suggested is your member name but you can choose anything -- it cannot be changed by Neowin staff later! Look for the small envelope at the top of the page that will be across Neowin to access the email account and other services.

Note: When you first log in to your Neowin e-mail account, it will suggest you setup a backup e-mail address. THIS IS SUGGESTED, as that is the only way you can have your password reset -- Neowin staff cannot do this for you.

Update: A glitch in the code prevented members from signing up and limited access only to subscribers. This should be corrected. If you attempted to create an email address and were denied access please try again.

Link: Get a Neowin Member Email Account

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This would have been great years ago when I first joined the community. Now I have more email addresses than are necessary and don't need another Still, better late than never, I guess.

Yeah um when i click the link it brings me to the Windows Live Hotmail login/signup page so I click sign up and theres nothing related to Neowin...

On the "sign up for neowin mail" page, it claims that Windows Live Mail is in beta, but I think it's actually out of beta since November.

Humn... no one suggested it seems. For teh subscribers only perhaps?

Haha, well its a nice sounding service if you've based it on Windows Live Mail. Is this running on a Windows 2008 Server?

Mine would've worked, but I want NOTHING to do with Windows Live or not so hot, Hotmail!!

Cripe neowin, you couldn't come up with a better way to do this? Just what I wanted too, create an e-mail address that will be filled up with spam before I could ever sign in, to begin with!!

No thanks!!

This is pretty sweet! Yeah, add me!

EDIT: BTW, How do I add my account to Windows Live Mail? I'd really like to add this account to my mail Client(s).

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