Neowin is covering the HP Discover conference next week

HP is gearing up to host the biggest conference in their history, HP Discover, next week, and Neowin will be there all week to cover all of the highlights. In the past the company has had separate shows for both hardware and software, but this year they’re merging them into one giant gala. While the main focus of the conference is enterprise technology like cloud computing, virtualization, and security, there is going to be something there for everyone. The conference runs from June 6th through June 10th.

We’re hoping to get some hands-on time with the unreleased HP Touchpad and Pre 3 as well as details on where HP sees these technologies in both the consumer and enterprise markets. In addition we’re interested to hear where they think the future of cloud computing is headed and how we’ll be able to keep this “instant on” infrastructure running safely and securely.

If there’s something HP-related that our readers are interested in getting an inside view on, please let us know in the comments section so we can try to get detailed information for you.

Are you ready for the age of the Instant-On Enterprise?
In the age of the Instant-On Enterprise, IT agility is essential. Your organization must be poised to react immediately to new customer expectations, new market opportunities, and new competitive threats. That can be a tough assignment when you consider today's IT realities: Data center sprawl. Rigid, complex IT silos. An influx of mountains of data.

Consider these examples:

  • 68 percent of IT project initiatives fail by being late, over budget, or lacking in important functionality.
  • The typical construction timeline to build a traditional brick-and-mortar data center is 24-months.
  • With skyrocketing demand for digital storage, the number of network-hosted storage subscribers in the U.S. will rise from 6.6 million in 2009 to 21.5 million in 2014.
Points like these underscore the need for new approaches to the data center-which brings us to the upcoming announcements. We hope you will join us June 6 for a first hand look at HP Converged Infrastructure innovations that solve some of today's most pressing IT challenges.
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ACTIONpack said,
Not a single person cares about this.

lol.. Windows 8 announcement is sure gunna hurt webOS tablets.. especially the ones where they will dual boot with windows

Lachlan said,
lol.. Windows 8 announcement is sure gunna hurt webOS tablets..

For me it did quite a bit, I was thinking of entering the smartphone and tablet thing with webOS, now I'll wait for Win8 and eventually buy a WP7/8…

My main problem with Win8 though will be that WHS won't support it. Which actually makes upgrading my whole private network a PIA…

Lachlan said,
lol.. Windows 8 announcement is sure gunna hurt webOS tablets..
I know it did for me. I was considering a WebOS tablet, but the way I see it, if I can hold off until late 2012 for a tablet, instead of getting an iPad copycat (albiet better than the original), I can get a PC with who knows what built into it, or maybe even a Atrix style cellphone running Windows (phone) 8.

Maybe I'll pick up a nook to hold me over til then...