Neowin Member Guide: Firefox - Keep Cookies for Specific Websites

It's that time of the week[end] again to showcase member contribution to our front page. This weeks article comes from A Collection of Essential Guides, and we're pleased to share Xinok's guide which was posted to the forum earlier this month.

This guide will show you how to configure Mozilla Firefox to keep cookies for specific websites only and delete the rest.

Why would I want to do this? This helps you to balance convenience, security, and privacy. It's convenient because it allows you stay logged into websites of your choosing. It also lets you keep cookies which store settings or opt-out cookies. It provides security because it will log you out of all other websites when you close the browser. It provides extra privacy from things like tracking cookies, which monitor your activities around the web. These cookies will be deleted everytime you close Firefox.

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This may make me switch to Firefox (again).

I'm not particularly paranoid in the information those tracking cookies are gathering about me, but I disagree with it in principle.

This feature (along with how customizable the taskbar is) is why I use Firefox. Some cookies I keep ("remember me" cookies), some I block completely (ad networks, among others) and the rest I have set to delete when I close Firefox.

I got sick of running spyware scans just to get rid of tracking cookies (I never seem to get other kinds of spyware).