Neowin Member Reviews: Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse

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This week mrk makes another appearance.

As a long time Performance MX user (MX Revolution before that, MX 1000 before that, AND briefly a Razer Mamba user) I've always wondered when Logitech would out a wireless gaming mouse like the Mamba but... better (as in, with more buttons and features) so I was glad to see the G700 being released.

I read a review on Bit Tech which slated it as a "useless" mouse when used via wireless but excellent when wired. I think the reviewer was a bit broken that day as I could not imagine such a mouse being useless in wireless so I had to have a go myself.

So I contacted the powers that be and today arrived the G700, this was a used/refurbished example and had no retail packaging but I wasn't bothered about that as all I wanted to do was review it to confirm or deny the Bit Tech findings and of course compare it to the Performance MX as going by today's OcUK pricing, it's only a fiver more than it.

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Have this G700 a "Free wheel" like the MX Revolution?
And what about the quality? I am very happy with my current MX Revolution is the G700 similar?

I ask this because I had two Logitech keyboards (G15 and another one) in the past and I was not pleased with the quality. (I am impressed from the quality of my current MS keyboard.)

I have up on their wireless mice after my mx1000 refused to charge after about 6 months. I had a replacement which did the exact same thing and at this point my warrenty was up. Bought it when it was £60 thinking I'd not have to buy a new mouse for a few years.

I'm using their £15 rx1500 and it has great tracking which is all I'm bothered about even though it doesn't have loads of buttons.