Neowin Member Reviews: Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Keyboard

It's that time of the week again, where we showcase a review submitted by a member on our forums. We haven't done one for a while, so what better way to kick it off in 2011 than with a solar powered keyboard!

Remember that we consider all reviews that are submitted here. Who knows, your review might make the front page next week!

mrk writes: I am writing this review mainly because I have not yet found a half decent user review of this keyboard. All the reviews I found were either previews on Youtube or review site reviews but even they don't go into that much detail. I'm not a reviewer, I'm a PC Gamer by night, IT Sysadmin by day and Photographer on the weekends so I want to read about how good it is in my area of working! Stuff that matters like software bugs and how it compares to other similar keyboards as well as gaming (as in, can you get full WASD+SHIFT+SPACE etc functionality).

Having kept kept my eye on this board since November when I first saw some previews and read about it I finally finally have it!

Bought it from Logiitech via their website as no other places here stocked it online or offline (UK). I got it for £55 with a 20% discount by trading in my K340 wireless keyboard via the Logitech trade in scheme thing.

Let's begin!

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It has rubber feet so it definitely does not move around when gaming and in fact you have to give it some wedge to move it so it's not going to move about even under furious sessions of activity "x" ;-)

It also serves as a very good boomerang for keyboard warriors, whether it will fly back to you though is another matter!

Yes the keys are pretty flat but they are very easy to type on and are Logitech's incurve keys so comfortable at rest or in use. For gaming there are 2 excellent benefits, 1 which has always been on Logitech boards of late, where the bottom row of keys (CTRL, ALT, SPACE etc) are slightly more raised than the other keys, this helps gamers greatly especially for FPS as you can hit this row ot keys just as easily as a normal keyboard.

I am an FPS gamers and have been playing with this board daily since getting it and it has been a breeze to game with.

The 2nd benefit is the lack of keyboard ghosting on the most commonly used WASD combinations that gamers use. In fact the mapping is so good I could only max out the buffer my making sure several more keys were pressed meaning you'd need 3 hands to max it out in a game under normal conditions.

Great review however I do have a question about something that wasn't mentioned.

It looks very glossy and very flat so I was wondering whether it stays its ground well. Usually when using a keyboard for gaming for instance they move around the desk surface a lot - is this a problem with this one?

i've had one for about two weeks now,
it has rubber feet on the back, and its almost impossible to slide without lifting it up.

rwx said,
Those keys look pretty flat. I always avoid flat keys.
Really? Well I'm quite the opposite! I love flat keys.

Read this in the discussion section about a week ago, very well done review. Just two bad it doesn't come in a Mac version.