Neowin .NET Alerts!

Attentive Neowin readers might have noticed we have just launched a brand new feature: Neowin Alerts. We are now able to offer members the ability to have alerts on the latest Neowin news, direct to your phone, email, or MSN Client.

You can sign up for the alerts by clicking on the image above, or by following this link. The alerts will come every time a new post is added to the front page.

The service is being operated by, and we'd like to thank them for their extensive help and time.

Update: We've had an amazing response - ~2000 sign-ups in the last 48 Hours!

Screenshot: NW Alert

View: Forum Discussion

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I think this is a GREAT concept. But it still needs some more work. I would love to recieve updates and stories on my cell phone. The only problem is Neowin usually has MANY stories per day. I don't want my cell phone getting flooded with text messages about stuff I don't want. Not to mention it will hike up my cell bill. There needs to be a way to customize it. Maybe only send alerts when keywords are found in an article or send one update a day with all the stories headlines. I love the concept! Keep up the good work!

ill have to remember about this when i go on holiday, can set it up to goto my neowinmail e-mail which i get on my mobile


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