Neowin readers offer suggestions for renaming SkyDrive

Microsoft made the surprising decision on Wednesday to rename its SkyDrive cloud storage service after losing a trademark fight with BSkyB in a U.K. court case in June. While it may be a few months before Microsoft reveals its new name, that has not stopped Neowin readers from offering many suggestions in our news comments.

Several readers believe that the company should rename the service to something familiar, such as Microsoft Drive or Windows Drive. One of them is BAV0, who writes that Microsoft might have already come up with an alternative name:

I'm pretty sure it will be Microsoft Drive, because it would perfectly align with change from Windows Live to MS branding and there's a registry switch in the Windows 8.1 Preview that changes all SkyDrive references to "Microsoft Drive"

Some of the other more serious suggestions made by Neowin readers include XDrive, CloudDrive, BingDrive, Microsoft Storage, Azure Drive, and OneDrive. Of course, there were also plenty of ideas that were made (we think) in jest. DarkNet came up with several, such as XDrive 365, NSA Drive and Ballmer Overdrive. dbam987 listed some rather New Age-like names such as Flully Drive, Moon Drive and Dream Box.

One of our favorites comes from spudtrooper, who said the new name should be Microsoft Windows Drive Professional 2013. Not to be outdone, his comment got a reply from sagum, who said the name should be Microsoft Windows C Drive Professional 2013 Xbox Enhanced Ultimate Storage Edition for Students and Teachers Service Pack 1 (we would love to see the logo made for that name).

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I think it should be "Mesh". Seeing as Microsoft already owns, it has its own cloud storage and syncing history and it is a unique modern name, so I think Mesh would be awesome.

Mesh - Microsoft online cloud storage !

"Mesh" can mean a lot of things. One connotation can be "mesh stockings" which isn't something I'm sure MS wants its service associated with.

I'm not a fan of the way the word sounds either. I can't picture myself saying "It's on Mesh."

Microsoft's Remote Storage

note the " 's " because its not yours, you just licenses some capacity on that storage,
oh yeah, MSFT reserve the rights to turn your uploaded data to NSA (or any 3rd party as MSFT deem profitable), and you must agree to NOT suing MSFT because of this.

The more I think about it, BlueDrive actually sounds the best of the lot by a long way. CloudDrive is terribly awkward and is already in use by Amazon. LiveDrive is a silly rhyme (and is also in use by another company?) OutlookDrive is too long (like many other options). MyDrive? Awkward, there's a reason why they've been removing "My" from Computer, Documents, Music etc in Windows.

Kinda like StarDrive too though

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