Neowin: Reviews by members for members [Updated]

Tomorrow is the weekend, have you got your article ready?

Neowin will begin showcasing (new) member reviews from this weekend on the front page, so if you have just got a new piece of hardware; now is the time to show it off!

Below are a few great member reviews for your reading pleasure:

HTC Desire (lots of pics!) - by Krpano
Logitech Performance MX Mouse
 - by mrk
Microsoft Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 v3
- by Long
HTC Advantage X7500 (Ameo/Dopod U1000)
- by Osiris
Creative ZSound D5 Wireless Speaker System Review
- ::Lyon::

If you think you're up to showing off your writing skills to other members, use the above reviews as a guideline and you may be selected for the front page this weekend.

A summary will be posted to the main page, with a direct link to the article.

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I've always liked the section as member opinions have another feel to them as official reviews. The 2-way communication with such review is also nice. By pushing the reviews to the frontpage you're not only motivating writers to review their product but you're also giving the necessary attention to those who already wrote such article. I can only be happy about it!

However, did you not use to do this in the past? I remember seeing a couple 'Reviews by members' down here on the frontpage.

Yeah, this makes me want to put in more reviews in the future

@Neobond: is it wrong to link to the original full review on the thread? So say I have a full review on my blog, I plan to write a shorter version for Neowin on the thread and link to the source? Will it be considered as a spam?

acnpt said,
Hey 2007 just called, yeah, they want their HTC Advantage back....

LOL hey dont knock my review

Even I had forgotten about that. Good times though I use to enjoy reviewing WM phones. Unfortunately all I could review now is the HD2, WHS or Dell 30" monitor....none of those are terribly new though :\

Haha, sorry.
Saw the date on the review, posted, read about them being used as guidelines....and tried to hide the evidence

Not new, but still interesting...I'd like to see one on WHS.

TechDudeGeorge said,
Does it have to be smartphones and stuff. Or can it be normal things like normal phones. Cause I could do a review of my Phone.

From the list in the post, I'll have to say no.

EDIT: As an example, the Logitech Performance MX Mouse isn't a smartphone.

Metodi Mitov said,

From the list in the post, I'll have to say no.

EDIT: As an example, the Logitech Performance MX Mouse isn't a smartphone.

You can review "regular" phones too

Great to see Neowin pushing forward the community contributions to a wider audience (Those who don't read the forums)
Is this a one time thing or will a selection be made every weekend?