Neowin: server update news 2

Our servers have been picked up from the Chicago data center and will be placed in our new DC either on Monday or Tuesday, they will then be updated and reconfigured to ease the load on our new server by adding back services, such as search and staff services currently unavailable to us (Jabber, Development site etc).

The recent difficulties with getting on Neowin had to do with an article that was slashdotted on the 8th of August, these things always seem to come along when we have our pants down!

You may of also noticed that a lot more original content is going up on Neowin, this has to do with a new initiative behind the scenes that is making it much more worthwhile for our staff to spend time researching news and writing up original pieces. Once we are fully back online I will go into much more detail about that on my blog and hopefully we can raise some interest from our membership to take part as well, but for now.. Thanks for your continued patience while we strive to improve Neowin's services for you.

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I can't stress this enough: I am going to be soooo happy when the search server is unpacked, configured and put online!

Having no useful search has been awful!

The site did make a smooth transition, and the new server may have struggled under the heaviest of the slashdotting, but it did survive! Props!

Nice one, I noticed some better news going up, btw it seems fixed but my RSS kept saying failed to load. Was that anything to do with the upgrade?

Not often, since we don't have a lot of original content like we did in the past. Up to about 2005 we were widely sourced around sites like CNet and Slashdot.