Neowin Shift Linux 0.5 Final Released

Shift Linux is a Linux project that was created by the Neowin community. Based on Morphix Linux, Shift is Debian based live CD; therefore it has access to all of the software and applications as other Debian distributions. Several versions of Shift Linux have been developed to produce for computers with lighter or more robust hardware configurations. We have produced Shift with Fluxbox as the predominant desktop manager for lower resource computers, and Shift with Gnome and KDE desktop managers, for heartier machines.

The Shift Linux live CD and the links to the Neowin technical website are designed to give the user an experience of being part of the Neowin community as well as having a simple, easy-to-use Live CD that can be installed to your hard drive, if you enjoy the way our distribution works. Shift is a free, GPL-based Linux distribution that can be freely distributed or modified.

Shift Linux 0.5 has all of the most commonly used packages that are available and is designed to be extremely fast as a live CD. Our newly designed website is full of information about Shift: FAQs, wallpapers and theme designs, updates, contests. Please feel free to browse and comment on our content.

The project team consists of members with a wide variety of experiences and talents. Each has contributed in his / her own way. Whether team members have worked on the distribution itself, or the Shift website, their efforts have been dedicated to creating this quality product.

Comments on how we can improve this distribution, and bug reports can be posted on our forum (at Neowin).

News source: Official Shift Linux website
Download: Shift Linux 0.5 FINAL
Screenshots: >> Click here <<

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Would this be an ok distro for a Linux first timer? Dumb question... live CD means I don't have to install it if I don't want? I can just run it off the disk?

Not really a Linux Head (I'll probably get flamed for that comment) but I'm planning on tinkering with the OS in my new rig that'll be built by March.

i've not played with this at all yet, but because it is debian based i am assuming that one could use the debian unstable repo's to have a more rolling release upgrade process? again, i have not had the time to download the images yet - just a question.

OK, so it won't let me log in as root. When running the command "sudo /sbin/ifup -a" it goes through some stuff, but eventually comes back with something about not finding any persistant licences. I tried to save what it said but I couldn't, read only on live CD.

good job! I believe shift will win a lot since neowin is such a big community. downloading now.

BTW, what is the update/upgrade policy of shift?
Hope the community will provide bug tracking and updating as other great distros do (Ubuntu, Gentoo, etc).

Policy for updates and upgrades? If you mean, licensing, I wouldn't worry. This is by the people for the people :). I didn't get much time to tinker with other builds of Shift as much as I would have liked due to work. Though, people tend to be really helpful at Neowin no matter what OS you're running. I hope that answers your questions.

OK, I tried it again and still get no internet access. I have a Motorola Surfboard 5100 modem connected to a Belkin high speed router. When I used Ubuntu, I had no problems, with Freespire I only had to change some network settings.

On all 3 times of trying Shift, I have had no internet access, as I posted in this thread

This came from our FAQ section:

What if the Live CD does not connect to the internet?

We have created a script that should detect and run your net hardware. If this does not happen, simply open your terminal window and type:

sudo /sbin/ifup -a

Just wondered if you tried it?

Will try it now.

OK, just tried it and no luck.

Also, what is the p/w for root, I cannot get to access the network settings. Tried "root" and it didn't work.

Hm... What did you modify/added in this Linux distro?.. Why it should be better from other which are already in the wild for a long time?

david13lt said,
Hm... What did you modify/added in this Linux distro?.. Why it should be better from other which are already in the wild for a long time?
The biggest thing that is "better" than other distros is that Neowin members are using this as a learning experience, and Neowin members make all the decisions - different than having us make requests of the Ubuntu or Fedora teams, for example.

Other than that, Linux is Linux. The only thing making Ubuntu different from other distros are what they pre-package for the end user.

We've updated packages to the newest versions (since our last release) as well as added some totally new packages. Our distro has been compressed, so we added many more packages, and still have room for more at some future time. Also, as Mark said, you have the ability to talk with the folks who made this distribution right here, and not wait on some other users forum for answers.

Figured you guys'd like that ;)

Gnome screenshots are up now, as well (I only just got the ISO, since there were some downloading issues on my side).