Neowin Talks To Bram Cohen, Bit Torrent Creator

Many readers will be familiar with the name Bit Torrent, yet might be less familiar with the creator of Bit Torrent, Bram Cohen.

We've been lucky enough to grab a few minutes of Bram's time and talk to him on a variety of issues; Bram talks about his views on piracy, the growth in Bit Torrent use, and the protocol's use for software piracy.

Click "read more" to see what Bram has to say.

View: Bram's Website | Bit Torrent

View: How does Bit Torrent Work?

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Hi Guys,

Bram just sent me a reply.


Thanks for the link. You should tell the whiners complaining about how short my answers are that I do on average over one interview a day and they should be thankful that I do online interviews at all.

Cut the guy a bit of slack.