Neowin wishes you a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and a chance to win a free subscription! [UPDATE with winner]

We'd like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. And a Happy Hanukkah. And a Happy Kwanzaa. And for those that we missed, we want to wish you a Happy Festivus - a holiday for the rest of us.

Neobond is feeling generous this holiday season, and he's going to give away a free Tier 2 subscription to the site! What does that mean for you? Well, it includes the following:

How do you win? Just leave a comment below telling us about some sort of holiday tradition that you partake in, and we'll pick a winner at random sometime after Christmas is over.

Have a safe and happy holiday, and thank you for reading and participating at Neowin!

UPDATE: Frank2029 is the winner!  Congrats, we'll be in touch soon!

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Merry Christmas to everyone on neowin. Hope you had / are having a winner. Best wishes,
P. S. Xmas tradition is out for dinner with the fam then a chilled evening at home :-).

I'm a muslim but my family is half catholic from my dad's side so we go to my grandfather's house where my father's siblings and my cousins get to gather and just socialize and then we eat.

Christmas with family and friends beginning with breakfast, then games and fun. Around 2 pm we eat and afterwards we open presents, eat some more and finally dessert. At about 7 pm we clean up, pack up our gifts and any leftover goodies and finally go home! Whew! lol

I know maybe it's not up to the times but my family is an old fashioned one and what we do in Christmas is get all together on Christmas Eve and have a big family dinner with every delicious plate that the local Christmas cuisine can offer and at midnight we go to mass and then in the morning we all come together to open the presents. We may not get much sleep but we share a great family time.

My family and I are moving away from celebrating Christmas since it really isn't about the birth of the Messiah and is full of pagan traditions. That said, we are moving towards celebrating the various Appointed Times as instructed in the Scriptures based on YeHoVaH's given calendar (not the man-made Rabbinic calendar). Even though Hanukkah is not commanded, even Yeshua Ha Mashiah celebrated Hanukkah (Festival/Feast of Dedication, Festival/Feast of Lights). My family plans to celebrate Hanukkah next year.

My wife and mine tradition is to open up presents while on Skype with her family. Majority of it was her, while I was reaching out to my buddies in Afghanistan wishing them the best and how I wish I could be there with them.

we have a rule that started with my brothers and sisters, and is now passed down to there kids, "Touch a present, loss a present" FYI it applies to all presents under the tree before xmas.

It's always been a tradition to find crazy ways of wrapping up gifts so you can't tell what they are and they take a considerable amount of time to open.

Damn, am late to the party. Oh well...

Every Christmas Eve I DJ at the same place for the last 5 years - tradition that pays well. Night before I go out armed with soup and plastic mugs for homeless peeps - it makes me feel lovely doing that.

And for those that we missed, we want to wish you a Happy Festivus - a holiday for the rest of us.
No, it's not. I don't celebrate anything.

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