NeowinCAST Gamers Edition April 2009 presents the next episode of the NeowinCAST Gamers Edition for April, 2009, hosted by Larry Cooney (DirtyLarry), Jonathan Steele (ynnoj) and Andrew Gallacher (DrunknMunky). This week's episode clocks in at just over 80 minutes long, as the team discuss the news from the Game Developers Conference.

For those who don't know, GDC is one of the largest professional events which take place each year focusing on learning, inspiration and networking. It is also home to the Game Developer Choice Awards and allows the industry professionals to discuss all matters from art and design to business and management subjects. Sit back and relax and find out what made the headlines this year.

Here's just some of the topics we discuss:

  • OnLive is announced
  • Modern Warfare 2 teaser trailer
  • God of War 3 leaked footage
  • Nintendo Wii sales
  • What we're playing

Click play to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode.

Enjoy, and please remember to leave your comments about the show below. We will definitely be basing future episodes based on your feedback, so it really is a huge benefit to everyone if we can get as much feedback as possible.

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Good Podcast. I will have to disagree on one thing. I think the streaming gaming service will accommodating the PC market more than the Console market. What I think they are trying to get away from is people always having to update their hardware to play the latest games. Something console gamers don't have to worry that much (Accept for when a new console is released once every 5 years) But on the PC side a lot of people can't play the latest games unless they want to spend a butt load just to upgrade their PC. Most consider a PC upgrade spending $50 on a new graphics card and wondering why the game plays like crap. I also think FAR more piracy happens on the PC side of things than console. Sure piracy is on the consoles too but you have to usually take it apart and do some pretty hefty modifications to play copied games. No so on the PC.

Thanks for not being too offended by my questions. Your maturity alone warrants my interest. I admit, I was very nervous of getting a harsh reaction, but you answered my questions perfectly. I noticed the "Random Guy" part hit a nerve. The fact that you are random guys is a plus, which is why I asked (I'm tired of listening to people spewing BS to promote bad games, energy drinks, or whatever). I wanted to make sure you didn't start throwing your elite resume and backers at me as a reason to why I should listen. That's the whole reason I have been lurking Neowin forever(I was here quite sometime before I created a forum account) - it has a grassroots type feeling, where unprofessional journalism looks better...

I subscribed to the podcast on iTunes (I love the album cover - it looks great!) and look forward to future content and future reasons to question you.

I listened a bit and it sounded like nothing more than a typical late night on my guilds Ventrillo server - minus the drunken comedy.

Not to be an ass, but I have a few questions before I give you more of my time:
What sets your 80 minutes of opinions apart from other game related podcasts?
Are you guys developers, pro gamers, industry insiders, or just random guys?
Why should I care about what you're playing or what you're saying?
If I had to choose between your podcast and a different one, why would I pick yours?

We are part of this community and make this podcast for the community. We do not just press record and are then just magically done with the podcast. It takes a lot of hours to get it out to everyone. So first and foremost I would say there is passion behind what we do. We do it because we love gaming, really is no other reason than that.

We are indeed just random guys as you so put it, but we are also random guys who were asked to donate our time in order to better the gaming coverage for this site. We all enjoy writing, talking, and learning about anything video game related. Since I personally do not put people on a pedestal, I would go out on a limb to say the truth of the matter is any gaming journalist, etc., are indeed just random guys, truth of the matter is they just happen to be in a position that makes their lives easier when trying to contact game companies. The only major difference between us and them is they get paid and we do not. As such they have a much easier time making industry contacts, but it is not like we do not try to do the same. Our opinions are no better, or for that matter no worse, than any of theirs, as they are indeed our opinion.

We actually also have all intentions of interviewing developers, industry insiders, etc., in future editions of the podcast. This is only the second podcast under the new gaming division. As such, we are slowly working on it each time and are committed to bringing everyone an original an unique take on things.

Speaking for just myself, I personally have been gaming for 30 of my 34 years. Honestly that is all I bring to the table... a hands-on knowledge and a passion for everything video game related. I also personally have represented Neowin in different capacities in regards to gaming. Whether it was the time we were at Valve's offices and we got a sneak peak at the Team Fortress 2 update, or interviewing Fatality at CES, or just a simple review of gaming hardware, I personally do what I can on a volunteer basis as a journalist for this site to strengthen it's gaming presence.

So the truth is, there is no reason at all why you should care about what we are saying other than the fact you might want to hear a discussion on the latest gaming news by indeed just "normal guys." People who have no pressure to keep the advertisers happy, or to possibly not say something for fear of ruining a relationship with a company they might have worked with in the past.

So if you are looking for something a bit different, and if you also support the fact that we are committed to building the news department as much as we possibly can, and projects such as this are part of that commitment we have made to doing so, then by all means support us by checking it out. If not, that is your choice. We all have choices. Thats what makes the world go round.