NeowinCast: Gamers, Episode #3 presents NeowinCast: Gamers Episode 3, the third in a new series of Podcasts relating to the latest gaming news and rumors, hosted by Joshua Seed and David Hess (gigapixels). This week’s episode arrives at an hour in length as we discuss current news including a mysterious PlayStation 3 bug, trouble at Infinity Ward studios and Valve’s confirmation of future Mac development.

News covered this this week’s episode:

This week we ask a new question to our listeners, "Are you a supporter of DLC? Is the content developed to please gamers or to squeeze the money out of them?", you can send your replies to, leave your answer in the news comments or write a blurb in the forum topic.

Until the feeds are properly sorted out and the player is intergrated back into news posts, you can listen to the podcast by downloading (right click, save as) at the supplied link.

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I don't mind dlc. But i avoid microstransaction. New content is always great. But paying for a new horse armor is not.

I don't have a broad policy on DLC myself. If the content looks interesting, is for a game I enjoyed, and seems worth the asking price, I'll buy it. But that's an evaluation I make on a case-by-case basis.

For instance, I waited until ME2 was coming out to get the two ME DLCs for 40% off, mostly due to the reports I'd seen of the shortness, etc. On the other hand, I bought all of the Fallout 3 DLCs with little to no forethought or preview information because I have faith in the developer and love the game.

Now, I do take offense, as MightyJordan pointed out, when devs put content on the disc and charge me to unlock it. If it's on the disc, I already paid for it and should be allowed to access it. If the devs were smart, they'd just leave it off the disc and release it down the road, regardless of when they created it.

I'm also hopeful that the model and success that EA and Bioware are having with the Cerberus Network and ME2 can "show the light" to the other devs and pubs that if you provide good content, and don't treat us like imbeciles or criminals, we'll buy your stuff.

Not bad. You say you've got a 360 fanboy, a PS3 fanboy, and a PC fanboy; why not add in someone who's in-between on all three sides? ;)

As for my opinion on DLC, I'm fairly mixed on it. I like the idea of expanding the game without having to go out and buy another disc, but most developers exploit the idea by taking content they've already finished before releasing the game, putting it on the disc, blocking access to it, and then charging you to unlock it. Resident Evil 5 is a recent example with the Versus Mode.

Some developers prefer to reward their players though. Take MotoGP 09/10. Monumental Games are releasing two DLC packs for free after the game is released; one pack contains the 800cc bike class (with all the bikes, riders, and liveries for the 2010 season), so they're adding a new class into the game for free, along with the three brand new tracks that are in the 2010 season. Then the second pack will include all the bike, team, rider, and livery updates for the 600cc and 125cc classes in the 2010 season. So through DLC, the players will get all the latest bikes and tracks far earlier than before, and they only have to buy the game itself to get the updates.

I'm pretty torn between this issue. My cheapskate side will say that having extra content on disc is better as it means you'll be able to get it cheaper. :P But overall, I think I'd prefer DLC, even if it means paying a little bit extra. If you're on the PS3 or 360, you can counter this problem by getting PSN cards or Microsoft Points at a cheaper price, which isn't too hard to do.