NeowinCAST Gaming - Episode #4

Paul and Todd are back this week with the fourth installment of the Neocast gamers podcast. This week the guys take a look at a bunch of news from around the gaming world including:
  • Battlefield 2 1.2 Patch... and how EA has basically ruined the game
  • Rumors of yet another Playstation 3 Delay
  • ID says that the X360 will be its primary development platform
  • GalCiv II released to rave reviews
  • Rockstar details their next big game: Table Tennis?
  • More Stargate Worlds MMO details, and some Atlantis Season 3 rumors
  • Brothers In Arms 3 coming to the X360
  • GRAW Released for Console, PC version in May?
Todd talks a little bit about the AutoAssult beta and how much fun it is, and Paul touches on the Spore gameplay video from Maxis, which appeared on the internet after the GDC this year.

Neowin is planning to launch the first general technology Neocast this week! The podcast will feature a panel of staff members looking at the past week in technology as reported by Neowin!

Download: Neocast Gamers #4

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Well I suppose since we do cater to gamers specifically, Paul and I thought most people listening to the podcast would know what dolphin diving (or any other subject really) would mean. In the future though we'll try to explain things more then.

And yes, we are informing others about what we bring up, but we also have our own opinions on the topics, which we have no problem discussing (my complete hatred for RTS for example). If we did a straight up gamers podcast with nothing but news, I think it would be very dull and dry personally.

As for Stargate, remember while this is a podcast, it is done by two people with opinions. And the Stargate series is very important to both myself and Paul. Thus we have very high hopes for the game, and are quite ticked off at the checkered past the past Stargate games have had. We know alot of people on the forums watch Stargate, so we went off on a tangent and discussed some of the upcoming seasons of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis.

Hey, trust me, I'm glad you said what you said. The more people post about what they don't like, and like about the podcasts the more we can improve.

It's to bad we don't have a fancy smancy recording studio thingie to do these like the big guys do, all we got is Skype

Well I could always put my phone's ringer back on while we record and let that go off every 13.88 seconds, or what about hearing my computer's fans better, I could put my head nearer to the case! :P

Sorry it took so long to post this one up guys, we were having some uh, issues with posting it (as some of you might have seen briefly a few minutes ago :P) but it's all good now!