NeowinCast Gaming 002 - Dec. 9: Big Surprise Edition presents NeowinCast Gaming 002, the second in a new series of bi-weekly podcasts relating to the latest gaming news, hosted by John Callaham and Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney. In this week’s episode we are also joined by fellow Neowin writer Tim Schiesser. 

NeowinCast Gaming 002 clocks in at around 40 minutes in length as we discuss the current news in gaming including the launch of the Xbox Dashboard, the announcement of the new South Park RPG and more.

We also have a very special surprise somewhere towards the end of the podcast, so please listen to find out exactly what this surprise is. Trust us, it's worth it!

News covered this this week’s episode:

As always we are looking for feedback for the podcast shows so feel free to post your comments, suggestions and more on how we can improve in the news comments boards or in our forums.

  • Introductions 00:00-01:53
  • Fall 2011 Xbox 360 Dashboard discussion 01:53-10:46
  • Spike Video Game Awards preview 10:46-16:26
  • Trying out the Xbox Companion app 16:26-18:39
  • South Park RPG discussion 18:39-24:10
  • Serious Sam 3 cleverly defeats pirates 24:10-29:25
  • ESRB content rating for mobile games discussion 29:25-37:41
  • Larry and Jetpack Joyride; 10 cent Android Market sale 37:41-41:50
  • Conclusions 41:40-42:54

Download: NeowinCAST Gamers Edition 9 Dec (Right click, Save As; Size: 19.7MB)
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I need to check out the xbox dashboard update a little bit more closely when I get a chance. didnt really get a chance to explore it too much.

I'm glad you finally got around to making another one of these, Maybe get some specific game questions and rant/chat - Maybe get Evn to talk about wow

We plan on sooner than later to start a thread in the gamers Hangout for example, or maybe a news article, about the fact we will be recording an upcoming episode, and ask members for topics, questions, etc. etc. And actually this is the 2nd episode on the new relaunch. We also released 1 exactly 2 weeks ago. They will be done every 2 weeks.

Why do I want a Serious Sam 3 BFE code? Well first off, because the pink scorpion scares me. I mean come on, a pink scorpion! Ive never seen one and would prefer not to! Also, because I like to shoot stuff and have it blow up other stuff. Whats better than killing a monster with another monster? Not much that I can think of.

I would love a Serious Sam 3 BFE code to give to my girlfriend for Christmas so we can kill some of Mental's minions together. That would be a kick ass Christmas.

Why do I want a Serious Sam 3 BFE code? Because all my friends play it and I'm in so much monthly bills this month I can't afford it. (pitty aye?)

John Callaham said,
Might want to wait until the entire podcast is downloaded in the embed player It works fine for me

I am listening to it right now... against my will!

I can't jump ahead to listen to the surprise! When I drag it to the end, it just comes back and keeps playing.

And I would really prefer a video discussion on Youtube through Skype, instead of a podcast.
But this is good too.

And it's was nice hearing Neowin staff members too.