NeowinCast Gaming 006 - Feb 2: Game giveway edition presents NeowinCast Gaming 006, the sixth in a new series of bi-weekly podcasts relating to the latest gaming news, hosted by John Callaham, Larry "DirtyLarry" Cooney and Tim Schiesser.

NeowinCast Gaming 006 clocks in at just under 51 minutes in length as we discuss the rumored hardware on the next version of the Xbox, a possible delay in Diablo III and more. We also have not one but two different game giveaways during the podcast but you will have to listen to the entire podcast in order to find out which games we are giving away and how to enter.

  • 00:00-02:32 | Introductions, light gaming chat
  • 02:32-15:05 | Discussion of the next Xbox rumors
  • 15:05-24:19 | No more Microsoft Points discussion, special something
  • 24:19-37:52 | Diablo III's annoying delays, we remember the forgotten Doom 4
  • 37:52-42:38 | Nintendo's first loss, Nintendo/Sony E3 predictions
  • 42:38-47:08 | New releases: February 3-17
  • 47:08-50:58 | Conclusions, a second surprise

News stories mentioned in the podcast:

As always we are looking for feedback for the podcast shows so feel free to post your comments, suggestions and more on how we can improve in the news comments boards or in our forums.

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I'd like oil rush please. I was majorly disappointed when the indie-ish game Afterfall dropped the Unigine and their whole RPG thing in favor of Unreal 3 and just completely by the numbers shooter mechanics. Game had been looking great it this engine and I'd be super curious to finally get to play within it and see what it's saying.

Listening to the 360 console buying "guide." And the errors. I've still been one my OG XBox 360. It lives and is good. It's old as hell. I have had to adjust the Ohms on the laser yes, but it is still running. So they have gotten one sale from me, and this thing lasts. Yes, maybe, you should not have to do that for your system to run longer, but, hey, I've made money on it, and it is a simple fix for a long continuous time. Mine is still running.

Why do I want a Global Agenda booster code? Because I need all the extra help I can get when it comes to mumorpugers!

Why do I want Oil Rush? Well, let's just say I fancy pretending to be some kind of oil baron god...