NeowinCAST In Depth: Mobile Broadband

Neowin is back with its series of In Depth podcasts, looking behind the news at recent industry developments. In this edition, recorded on October 18 2009, Rob Wright reviews the Novatel MiFi™ 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot and takes a general look at the current state of mobile broadband. Rob is joined by the following special guests:

Please note that all opinions expressed on the show are personal and not representative of the views of any organisation. Click play to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode. Enjoy, and remember to leave your comments about the show - RSS feed to be updated soon!

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Link: More info on the Novatel MiFi™ 2352 Intelligent Mobile Hotspot

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I have mobile broadband from Cincinnati Bell, it only cost $49.99 for 10gb and it uses AWE, (Advanced Wireless, 3G on steriods), I get true 7.2mbits both ways (it uses all 5 3g freq to achive this. It is awesome, getting 10gb transfer a month, upgradable to 30gb for $99. The icon 452 is a nice little usb device that is easy to use.

Yeah we had a few issues but they've been resolved - FeedBurner caches the feed though so give it an hour or two to update.

Great podcast Rob.

On the topic of roaming charges, it really bothers me with companies in Canada, simply because most of Canada is not covered. The routes I take on a daily basis are covered through Rogers, but traveling anywhere else in Canada is questionable.

Also, if I go to America, the rates of roaming are almost unaffordable to the average person. I think the rates are $30 / MB or if you have a Data-plan $6 / MB . That's added onto your monthly bill.

Currently I think Rogers/Fido only covers 4 provinces in Canada with 3G speeds, covering maybe 1% of Canada.. where our network covers roughly 4% of Canada's landmass

Interestingly 3 and T-Mobile share their 3G networks so there really shouldn't be any difference between the two that is unless their agreements only extend to regular mobile devices.

I'm a 3 user too and have their X-Series Silver package (1GB data allowance) and I agree when your regular DSL line has issues as I experienced recently you have a fall back. Speed and connectivity is generally very good up 'narth here in Carlisle but can slow to a crawl during peak times, i.e. 17:00~21:00

@Caramatic - I presume the application you're referring to is JoikuSpot.

Yep - it's actually listed at number 5 in that list due to a typo in the date in the RSS feed - it's been updated now but FeedBurner caches the data, so give it an hour or two

i know of an app for s60 which acts like a bridge between the cellular network and the phone's wifi... granted that the phone is limited to an ad hoc network, but nonetheless its a free app...

I've had a Novatel MiFi for about a month now, I'm using it as my main home broadband getting about 1 MB/s on T-Mobile, but I also carry it with me when I'm out and about in case the iPhone connection fails. It's a great device, so much better than the dongles!

Verizon here in the USA has something sort of like this however it is close to $40 a month here locally for a 250 MB monthly allowance. However the closest 3G network to me is approx. 56 Km away to get a decent monthly allowance you need to pay upwards of $60 a month and overage charges are insane.

Rob - I'm pretty sure most Windows Mobile phones can automatically get the APN and other info for your sim card etc. And there are a few applications for WinMo that turn the phone into a wifi router, so the idea isn't really a new one. But I'd imagine it will be cheaper with this.

I dunno...When I had a Touch Pro on Sprint I paid $15/month for unlimited 3G (EVDO Rev. A) and used WMWifiRouter to turn it into a hotspot. That was a great backup for when I was on the train or if my home internet connection was having issues.