NeowinCAST News Edition for April 20, 2007 & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of April 20, 2007. This week our panel consists of Christopher Vendemio (bangbang023) and Rob Wright (Rob). The topics this week are as follows:

  • Dell Bringing Back XP: (Read)
  • Sony's Broken DVD DRM: (Read)
  • Possible Rebate on the iPhone: (Read)
  • Apple Has Upper Hand in Music Industry: (Read)
  • Thread of the Week: When Threads Collide
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Dell on XP
I agree it's amazing what Dell is doing, giving the consumers what they want and whatnot. However, I really don't see why Dell pulled XP completely in the first place. They should have simply phased out XP little by little, until the end of they year (when XP gets killed as an OEM option). Driver support will be solid by then anyways, I hope.

Sony and DRM
It's absolutely disgusting. I'm just surprised Sony is not being hit hard by their mistakes. I think it's simply because people are not aware Sony screws up when they do. Not everyone is aware of such tech news, so people have simply not realized Sony is at fault. I personally think DRM is on the way out anyways, and the companies that don't want to kill it off will, or ideally should be, hurt in terms of sales and reputation.

I personally hate rebates, but the sad fact is it works from the business perspective. Some people send it in, but most don't, so the company wins in the end. If you look at the iPod series, Apple released the big hdd and expensive versions first. Then came the mini, nano and shuffle. And those are the big sellers. With the iPhone, I expect it to be the same thing. The average consumer will not buy the first gen iPhones. On the other hand, the mobile phone market is huge and it is very different, and the iPhone definitely brings something new. And yet, it's extremely saturated. I just don't see people shelling out a couple bills instead of getting just another smartphone for much, much cheaper. But considering the iPod series, Apple will release a cut-down iPhone that will cost less. And boy, will that sell. Yeah, it's coming in June.

Apple and the music industry
You guys are right on top of it. The DRM question, unfortunately, really comes down to to EMI's sales and whether they go up or not.

When do you guys think that IE7/8/9 will have a bigger market share than IE6?
V for Vendetta was definitely a great movie, saw it in theatre

Apologies for the audio quality of my microphone - it changes half way through as I figured out what was wrong. Hope you enjoy the show anyway