NeowinCAST News Edition for February 23rd, 2007 & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of February 23rd, 2007. This week our panel consists of Chris (bangbang023), Rob and Todd (LOC). This week, the gang discusses the recent outbreak of malware via MSN advertisements and then go on to debate a recent article discussing five gadgets that one editor believed people should avoid. The topics are as follows:

  • Microsoft apologises for serving malware (Read)
  • Five Gadgets Not To Buy (Read):
    • HD-DVD and Blu-ray players
    • Playstation 3
    • Draft N routers
    • Windows Vista
    • 10 megapixel cameras
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@ Rob

Thanks for the link! I wanted to use it for WordPress which is why i wanted the real link :P
Its a shame their is now FLV player as nice as this, with simple color editing and file changing or is their?

Aye that's what I figured, so I set about finding a nice free Flash implementation. In time I may hack the Flash source to further customise it but for now I think it works quite well.

who is the one with the deep american voice? sounds like some matey from the uk program 'the office' but obv with an american accent. lol

Rob said,
Presenter right at the start is Chris (bangbang023). British guy is me. Third guy is Todd (LOC).

aaah i see, i take it this is over skype or something? i've never actually listened, this is my first time.

Because of issues with background noise, we use Ventrilo - this has automatic sensing when people are speaking so it both cuts down on bandwidth as you're not constantly sending background noise, and also improves audio quality.

I like it (Y).

The blue clashes with the red/pink background of the news post though. And does it change for other designs? (Green, etc)

Could do with a volume slider :happy:.

As an added bonus this week, the feed should be working again, so those of you that have subscribed to the podcast in whatever program should have it download automatically

We spend a good half hour discussing the gadgets the editorial felt you shouldn't buy. There's actually some good content if you give it a listen. Also, you have to remember, even though we always tend to run over, I only want this to be about a 40 minute show, for the sake of editing and the like.

Yer i can see now how it all fit in now bangbang, the editorial is good even though i have Vista the rest i will stay away from.