NeowinCAST News Edition for January 30th, 2008 presents the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of January 30th, 2008. This week, Christopher Vendemio (bangbang023) and Rob Wright (Rob) discuss the following topics:

  • Apple releases the MacBook Air (read)
  • Windows 7 details start to leak (read)
  • Internet Explorer 8's three rendering modes (read)
  • Motorola may exit handset market (read)
Click play to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode. Enjoy, and remember to leave your comments about the show, either as a comment below this news post or with our new voicemail numbers:

(216)-2200-NEO (216) 220-0636 | 0151 324 CAST 0151 324 2278 | neowincast

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I'm not a fan of podcasts, but I sometimes listen to the NeowinCAST.
Chris reminds me of the Sopranos... "What the hell are you doing guys? *BANG* Bada Bing!"

Every single week, I make one typo somewhere. Ughh lol. Thanks. I fixed it and re-uploaded it.

For the record though, your software is reading the tags improperly. "" should be the artist and "NeowinCAST News Edition" is the album.

I thought it was quite obvious why Microsoft can't make the "super standards" mode the default in IE8. Half the web wouldn't work on IE8.