NeowinCAST News Edition for November 20th, 2008 presents the NeowinCAST News Edition for November 20th, 2008. Join Christopher Vendemio (bangbang023) and Rob Wright (Rob) as they discuss the latest industry news while adding a just a hint of Neowin's patented unprofessional journalism. This week the guys discuss the following topics:

  • Six reasons OSX will not go mainstream: (read)
  • PSP 3000 and iPhone 3G close to being unlocked/hacked. Should companies still fight the hackers?: (read) | (read)
  • GMail gets themes. What do you look for in a webmail provider?: (read)
Click play to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode. Enjoy, and remember to leave your comments about the show below.

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Still listening at the moment, almost finished. but just like to say really good cast!! loving them as always!

Couple of comments:

Gmail: I really don't think anything else compares IMO. Gmail with IMAP is the best. The only thing that frustrates me is that you have to login to gmail to maintain filers, labels (or folders via outlook). One down side is that it can be frustrating to delete things via outlook!

Steve Jobs comment: I know little about him, but the simple fact is that great leaders are hard to come by, would M$ have done as well over the years without bill?