NeowinCAST News Edition for November 8th, 2007 presents the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of November 8th, 2007. This week Christopher Vendemio (bangbang023) and Rob Wright (Rob) discuss the following topics:

  • MLB changes DRM services, old content rendered useless (read)
  • Michael Eisner says striking writers should blame Steve Jobs (read)
  • Google announces Android and Open Handset Alliance (read)
  • Listener Email: Are flash based video cameras a viable option for consumers?
  • Voicemail: Will there be a central hub PC in every house that handles all computing and entertainment needs?
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(216)-2200-NEO (216) 220-0636
0151 324 CAST 0151 324 2278

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hahaha, that was the longest voice mail ever. I loved it.

I wouldn't go into cheap flash memory camcorders. Tapes are always good, because once you have it recorded, you can catalogue it and have it there ready to use. I personally never ever record over tapes, mainly because of the fact that the quality reduces the more you do it, but also because you never know what little gems you will use on that tape later on. I find a lot of people with HDD camcorders just capture the necessary bits at that time and then delete and record again.

Also he said that he filmed a few weddings, so I would say don't spend a lot of money on a new camcorder. Why not try to look on eBay for some good condition second hand camcorder. Mini DV is a good format. It has a certain quality that even film makers want to use. Collateral has a few of these shots.
The Panasonic GS range is really good for a cheap Mini DV camera, a little more expensive would go to the Sony VX range, which is widely used by a lot of amateurs and semi-professionals. I wouldn't go into HD yet. I just got a Sony HDR-HC1E (PAL) and it's too much hassle when editing and exporting. And when you do buy from eBay, make sure u can get some kind of service check on it, because camera repairs are pricey!

Anyway, I'm not an expert, but I have recently got into videography and done a lot of reading up on it.

Awesome podcast. Only one I listen to, and Rob sounds like one of my mates!

Great job guys. I have to say I like the pay to view option more. Firstly, you pay $2 for one episode but you can watch it over and over, ad free. I agree with Rob about the ads, I cant stand them. They're way too intrusive in tv programming especially. Personally, if I can pay for something and reuse it over and over and not be bothered by stupid commercials irrelevant to anything Im interested in then I think that would be good. I mean, people tend to buy dvd boxsets of tv shows anyway. So most people already support this more.

I also want to say that I'm against everything being as Chris said combobulated together. I have a phone for being a phone, a camera for being a camera and an mp3 player for that. I don't need all of them in one. I've often wondered why people feel that need, especially when they brag "my camera has a phone and yours doesn't" yeah that's because I bought it to call people not to take pictures. I have a camera for taking pictures. Regardless of the convience, they'll never be as good as each one does on it's own because that's specifically what it's made for. But I guess most people would argue that point because they prefer to have them all together.

Kreuger said,
Regardless of the convience, they'll never be as good as each one does on it's own because that's specifically what it's made for. But I guess most people would argue that point because they prefer to have them all together.

Am downloading this cast with iTunes, haven't listened yet, but wanted to comment that I believed it would be a good idea to have a camera on my phone being as I always carry it, but not so my camera. The idea at the time was it would provide proof in the event of a car accident to take photos of damages, or additional security by making criminals reconsider having a photo taken. As it turns out, the later can be more of a danger to well being in truth. A criminal might not think twice about doing damage to someone who can identify them.

You are correct in the case of the camera not taking best photos, but when I was caught in turmoil of fires on Catalina Island it was all I had on hand to document the frightening event. Much to everyone's surprise, some of those photos well told the story of how our town was spared by shifting winds, and a friend's son later described them as looking like Armageddon.

Guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes they are better than nothing in a pinch.

This podcast is one of the things I look forward to on Fridays as I go on through my day. Thanks a bunch guys.

Chris, I couldn't agree more with how infuriating and ludicrous it is with this DRM nonsense.

Ermm....the music starts playing while Rob is talking about stripping drm Trying to hide something? <.< 6:47 if not intended :P