NeowinCAST News Edition for October 30th, 2008 presents the NeowinCAST News Edition for October 30th, 2008. Join Christopher Vendemio (bangbang023) and Rob Wright (Rob) as they discuss the latest industry news while adding a just a hint of Neowin's patented unprofessional journalism. This week the guys discuss the following topics:

  • Microsoft demonstrates the Windows 7 UI (read)
  • Microsoft announces Windows Azure (read)
  • EA bans members from forums and games (read)
  • Trouble for the Playstation 3 and Blu-ray? (read)
Click play to listen to the show immediately or follow the appropriate links to download the current episode. Enjoy, and remember to leave your comments about the show below.

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Nice show guys.
I wanted to say as always, but believe it or not, this is the first time since one year registration that I listen to the podcast. But hey, there's must be a first time for everything right ? And it's definitively not the last.

Thoughts on the topics talked in the podcast:

Topic 1 (The new Windows taskbar): It's definetly an enhancement guys, I mean all programs you use everyday you know what their icons are.(Even less experienced user can associate vissualy their programs)

Topic 2 (Windows Media Player 12): It looks REALLY good. If I can access the features i want in as few clicks as possible then it's most welcome.

Topic 3 (Windows 7 is the biggest leap since 95): Yes i do believe this is true, Vista was a step foward in design and usability. Windows 7 just takes it to the next level.

Topic 4 (Azure): It's more for developers and companys. End users will benefit if they can get cool online apps. On the legal side yeah it's kinda shaky but I mean you already give out your personal info to other sites, why not microsoft.

Topic 5 (EA forums): Agreed people are IDIOTS on most forums this should be adopted by more companys. Yeah you've paid for the game but that does not give you the right to act like a jerk while playing online. If you're banned you can get ir reviews if it is determined that it was not fair then it can be overturned.

Topic 6 (Blue Ray and Streaming media): It's been discussed to death. It boils down to fact of personal choice. Do you want all your media to be digital or physical.