NeowinCAST News Edition Podcast for December 29th, 2006 & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of December 29th 2006. This week our panel consists of Chris (bangbang023) and Todd (LOC) as they discuss the 3 current generation consoles in depth, going over their individual strengths and weaknesses. Both Chris and Todd also recommend their new games of choice for the rest of the community to try out. Better late than never.

Special thanks to Frank for hosting the file for us.

Download: NeowinCAST News Edition #14

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Kreuger said,
It sucks that its just the two of you but at least its back.

There's three for the next one (it's already recorded) and I can help with the one after that.

iv always listened to them :D
Todays made me laugh in a shop, soon as chris said 3 months over due i burst out laughing and went red.

But yes you are right there is abit more support.

Thanks guys, nice to see you back doing the cast lol.
LOC, since I'm hopefully getting a 360 soon, and I don't have a HDTV, how good are the graphics on an SDTV? Are they still really good? If there's a huge difference between HD and SD, I may get the VGA cable and use my monitor lol.

Graphics look pretty good to me on my SDTV, though text can get pretty hard to read. In fact in some games it is near impossible to read the text. But I get through it

The fact that we had to have it hosted on a separate site other than Poweruser.TV's site should tell you that

Hope you guys enjoyed it, since you all know (mostly) I love doing these podcasts for you all. To bad no one else does other than bangbang here

I loved doing them too, it's just scheduling with you US folk can be a bit awkward :P especially now I have exams and things coming up again.

LOC said,
Hope you guys enjoyed it, since you all know (mostly) I love doing these podcasts for you all. To bad no one else does other than bangbang here :(

I'll help out on the next one. I have a wife (who is a teacher) and a kid home for the holidays.

My free time is spent playing Monopoly.

bangbang023 said,
I'm thinking so because I uploaded it at my full 2mbit per second capacity.

I don’t blame them I was talking to the IT guy last months download at work was 400GB so its costing them heaps will listen to it tonight good to see them back.

And done. Not really my topic but yeah it was good. Im looking at buying a 360 soon, simply because the price is awesome at the moment, many places have awesome bundle deals, i get paid on friday and the games out at the moment are good enough for me to get it now. Always been tempted to get the Wii, since its cheap, im not really losing much money, but i know for me it will be more of a novelty thing i think.

Let's not get too ahead of ourselves lol. Honestly, I wait til the day of to lay out any topics for discussion, just in case any big news breaks last minute.

So you guys know, I'm going to try to record a show with someone (hopefully Todd) Friday night so we can keep this rolling. Also, sorry for the low quality for the recording. I accidentally put it on 96kbps instead of the usual 128.