NeowinCAST News Edition Podcast for the Week of August 23rd & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of August 23rd 2006. This week our panel consists of bangbang023, lardiop, LOC, and Fred Derf. Topics discussed this week include:

  • Websites Leaked Microsoft Zune Details
  • EMI to Pack Videos on Zune
  • Microsoft Embeds Windows Live Links in New Vista Builds
  • Microsoft Office for Linux 'Inevitable'
  • Dell Knew of Battery Problems for Years
  • Google Wants People to Stop 'Googling'
  • Google Offers Free Wireless to its Hometown
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Great show, really enjoyed that one. You seemed to struggle when reading out all my articles, I will have to start reading everything I write aloud from now on. I will also have to inform my mum about Stargate, I'm not much of a fan, but she is.