NeowinCAST News Edition Podcast for the Week of July 12th & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of July 10th 2006. Our panel consists of bangbang023, LOC, DaveLegg and returning from a week off, shanepitman. Topics discussed this week include:

  • British Phonographic Industry sues
  • British Phonographic Industry tells ISP's to cut service to downloaders
  • Universal releases 'basic' CD's to compete with iTunes
  • More info on the Microsoft 'iPod killer'
  • Apple catching up to Dell
  • *gasp*OSX phones home too?!?
  • Neowin Shift Linux project
  • Return of Neowin IRC, rejoice!
Download: NeowinCAST News Edition

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We hope the sound is better this week. I think we did pretty good sound wise this week, at least it sounds fine on my X-Fi here. And I also think you'll hear us clicking pretty good this week.