NeowinCAST News Edition Podcast for the Week of June 17th & PowerUser.TV present the second edition of the NeowinCAST News Edition, now to be a weekly podcast. This week our panel (lardiop, LOC, bangbang023, and shanepitman) cover a few recent news items including:

  • Vista BETA 2 biggest download event in history
  • Microsoft cuts PC to PC synching from Vista
  • WGA phones home
  • Microsoft axes PDF support in Office 2007
  • Up to 60% price cuts for Intel, 50% for AMD
  • Sling Media vs. Major League Baseball
Download: NeowinCAST News Edition #2

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So you guys know, we recorded this on the 13th, so information like the Adobe response to the PDF/MS office thing were not yet released.

Yes indeed. I apologize to everyone for not getting this out earlier in the week. We had a few post recording issues to overcome, but I think we got everything worked out pretty well. We should be good to go for next weeks show, and we al thank you for your interest and support.