NeowinCAST News Editon for January 12th 2007 & PowerUser.TV present the NeowinCAST News Edition for the week of January 6th 2007. This week our panel consists of bangbang023, LOC, and Rob. Topics discussed this week include:

  • 1TB Drives Coming
  • Dual Format Drives, Dual Format Discs and the HD Format Battle
  • Xbox Video store outsells Amazon's Unboxed
  • Xbox 360 Zephyr Rumors Surface
Enjoy and remember to leave your comments about the show

Download: NeowinCAST News Edition #15

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Well when we get things done, they get done. :)

Unless you don't want us to do anymore then, just let us know

I can't even stand to listen to it... it's clipping when anyone talks, really annoying. Good topics, just my ears hurt after hearing it.

I agree that the recording quality is truly abysmal. Thankfully Chris has worked out what was wrong (slider pushed up too high) and next time it will be perfect.

First time listener... this podcast is not advertised enough here on neowin... its one of those things that are easily overlooked.

Asside from the quality issue in this episode, was pretty well done. Better keep the future episodes coming...

I liked the podcast but at some points it was hard to listen. If it does become a regular thing again it would be great to be able to get it through iTunes.

:angry: come on guys. every time u make these shows, their distorted to hell, come on, please at least level it properly, its so basic, how can u miss it!! its pathetic! uv got a gd show as well, but ur completely wasting it, it hurts peoples ears! get it together! :angry:

Yes, we know the quality sucks and since I'm the guy who does ALL THE WORK, I've already made a post in the forums promising better quality in the future. I don't make money off of this. All of the work (planning, getting people, recording, editing) is done by me and I'd appreciate it if you could take a breath and approach the subject with a little bit of sanity and calmness.

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