CES coverage about to begin

Most of the Admin staff of have arrived in Las Vegas to attend CES. This CES is of particular interest because there are a ton of new announcements about Windows Vista expected to come live in this next week.

Keep your eye on the homepage this week because the news should start really pouring in as the show starts. IF there is something in particular you are looking for us to cover, let us know in the comments area and we'll see about going out and finding out about it.

We are also meeting with Microsoft many hours this week so if there are any questions, concerns, and suggestions you would like to see us pass on to Microsoft, post it in the comments area.

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Neobond should write "" on his chest and butt cheeks and run through the CES show naked

oh yeah, cover xbox version 2

lylesback2 said,
Neobond should write "" on his chest and butt cheeks and run through the CES show naked

oh yeah, cover xbox version 2 :D


I would like to know more about Info on cablecards and DirecTV working with Vista, displaying HiDef premeium content

Will SoftSled for desktop PCs ever become a reality? It was originally intended to be a part of Vista, but never made it.

I would like to know why Vista took so many years after Windows 2000 did the exact same thing and Microsoft had supposedly learned their lesson.

Don't know if that's much of a question to ask, but it seems like no one has addressed this..

XP SP3 Why 2008? Vista has gone RTM. Server 2003 SP2 could RTM this month. Why doesn't MS start XP SP3 as soon as Server 2003 SP2 is RTM. Update XP SP3 to the Server 2003 SP2 Kernel.
Where will the answers be posted?

It has been posted here in the past that Vista SP1 is to be based on the Longhorn Server Kernel, so why not base XP SP3 on Server 2003 SP2 Kernel?

That would take a bit more than a service pack to do.

Why is that? I don't see how it would be difficult for them at all.

How would you know what kernel an SP is based on? Most of this talk about the basis for the kernels is little more than rumours and to suggest that it makes fundamental differences to the performance and reliability of the OS is naive.

I would not definitely count on there being an SP3 for XP anyway in the same way that SP5 for windows 2000 never appeared. I seriously doubt that they would need to release one simply because 2003 reached SP2, there's a chance that they might after longhorn server is released if changes are required to make XP work better with it.

Hey peeps, look for the next gen GFX cards from AMD and nVIDIA. I really want to see what is going on... The AMD's ones as been rumored to be more in late than what was though and it still no words on nVIDIA mainstream...
Also if you can ask to nVIDIA about the rumored new drivers interface...