Widget for Opera by RM

Well, a Widget for Opera by RM is developed. It's not so good as the toolbar, but it's my first widget.
An RSS Reader with some extra tools. Just press the options button and you will have some extra features.

What can I do with this Widget?

Well, you can...

  • Access the Premium and Free webchat ( Many people don't see that this chat feature includes so many options. Audio and Video, IM, Games in IM, Private call chat, ... Included in toolbar)
  • Write your notes (JS-based)
  • Have your own calendar (JS-based)
  • Scan for threats
  • IRC
  • Get the news from the "All news in one feed" RSS
Download: Widget for Opera by RM

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There's a lot of room for improvement.
The chat, notes and calendar for instance.. they aren't integrated in the widget, they are just links that redirect the browser to the chat and notes system on your site, and the calendar to another one.

Thank you all.
It's just a normal RSS Reader widget with some tools in options.
Not so good widget . But I will try to make it faster and better.