Neowin's top 10 Windows Mobile apps you can't live without

Neowin and its members have compiled a list of their favourite applications that they can't live without. A list was compiled of the top 10 applications members require and keep on their Windows Mobile devices.

#10: YouTube
Users can watch videos on YouTube from either the mobile version of the web site, or in a customized application to improve searching on the web site without all the extras normally seen on the desktop version. The slim application and mobile web site allow users to enjoy the full version of videos streaming directly from the web site.
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#9: Adobe Flash Lite
Bringing the best of the internet desktop content right onto your Windows Mobile device. Where the iPhone lacks in supporting Adobe Flash, Windows Mobile supports to allow users to access flash content on their mobile device. Consumers have the support to playback content and applications will work to add the best user experience possible for all types of content
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#8: Skyfire browser
The free browser alternative to Internet Explorer, Skyfire can improve the users experience on their mobile device to watch videos off of popular web sites like YouTube and Hulu, stay connected with social networking web sites including Facebook and Twitter, listen to music and shop all from your phone.
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#7: Windows Live Messenger
Users looking to keep in touch with friends or family over Live Messenger on their mobile devices can do so with the small and compact version right from their Windows Mobile phone. This mobile application doesn't include every feature as the desktop version, but can send and receive emoticons, change your status and more.
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#6: Palringo
Stay in touch with friends and family using a wide range of instant messenger client protocols all in this one program. Users can use IM clients like Yahoo, Jabber, MSN, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ and Gadu-Gadu. The program doesn't include every feature found in the desktop version, but has the ability to send and receive the basic of messages.
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#5: CorePlayer
This fresh media player for your Windows mobile can take videos, TV shows and other media on the go with a huge support list in this miniature player. View or play audio, video, flash files, streaming content, images and so much more; a great replacement for Windows Media Player.
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#4: Google Maps
Google brings a portable navigation with you anywhere you go to help find places like restaurants, landmarks, and other interesting points of interest. Now with the new Location, reported here on Neowin, users can set their location for friends to see each other.
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#3: Resco Explorer
The Resco Explorer is a great tool for the Windows Mobile platform so users can move, delete, transfer, manage files and so much more. This app is feature rich including a registry editor, a recycling bin, FTP add-in, zip compression and more. A must get application.
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#2: TomTom GPS Navigator
This application can help users navigate their way around using a GPS receiver. Consumers can plan their route out before leaving and easily find their way to their destination without having to purchase a GPS Navigation system for their car. A must get application.
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#1: PPC PIM Backup
This small and compact backup and restore tool for your mobile device can easily back up appointments, call logs, contacts, messages, and more. Feel safe knowing that your phones data is backed up in case of a failure on your device. A must get application.
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umm I dont give a toss if it was an editorial, a unsigned note, a feature piece or a review, my point was directed at anything WinMo related on the front page which seems to have rapidly increased over recent times.

But while were on the topic you're right, I obviously dont know what an editiorial is because this looks more like poll results to me.

In any case I wouldnt take my comments with any edge to them as I said its nice to see it also being promoted etc etc.

You are really not understanding the big picture here Osiris.

Yes, the increase of news related to Windows Mobile has increased, but that's like saying news about Windows 7 has increased too, because there are big announcements around these things! There isn't any conspiracy as to why we are posting more news about a certain thing, that is just what the industry is pumping out at the moment!

A poll would have a set of questions being asked, and answered according to the questions provided. This was a completely OPTIONAL thread to discuss in, and since I got a lot of positive feedback from the iPhone article I did - along with requests to do this article by Neowin members - I wrote it.

Like I mentioned already, this isn't a conspiracy, just something that individual minds (news staffers) are finding and porting over to Neowin.

Well, WinMo is an MS product. Neowin is still a predominantly Windows-centric website. So WinMo, even in its currently comedic state, will make the front page when so much as a pixel is changed by its dev team.

For those of us that flash our phones often with new roms and freshly cooked ones, PIM Backup is amazing, and we can instantly restore stuff from the memory card with no computer needed.

I don't get the whole idea of Windows Mobile Live Messenger, there is no installation file. The Windows I have did not come preloaded with Windows Live facilities. I'm using a PDA that is NOT a phone, how can I install Windows Live Messenger over it? And the new Opera browser is really good replacement for IE, I think they've gone more in tune with the touch features. Its def worth a try.

sibot said,
I don't get the whole idea of Windows Mobile Live Messenger, there is no installation file

I don't know. I've had the same problem. There's no download link, and they didn't send one with SMS because I'm in Croatia. Someone here on Neowin sent me the .cab file :)

The2 said,
I don't know. I've had the same problem. There's no download link, and they didn't send one with SMS because I'm in Croatia. Someone here on Neowin sent me the .cab file :)

Oh thats great, could you pass it onto me by any chance?

#7: Windows Live Messenger - not all world use MSN. Some parts of the world use ICQ, so it should looks like
#7: Windows Live Messenger / QIP PDA

It's not restriction. It's just ICQ is popular in CIS, Germany and some other countries. QIP is most popular ICQ client.

It's isn't. Browser is just a program. IM is a service. We have several monopolists around the world. MSN has less than 1% of popularity in CIS and Eastern-Central Europe, at the same time ICQ has about the same popularity on west. They are monopolists in their regions.

Yeah, well at the same time, I wish the world just used AIM, or GoogleTalk. enough of this MSN/Live nonsense. I'd want a unified service.

Don'tcha see the problem with that? People are free to chose, and therefore, they will chose what they want, not what someone else thinks they should.

Um google maps?

I have almost never had google maps give me an accurate's always like miles off.

Suprised Windows Live Search isn't up there considering it does the exact same thing as Google Maps but its GPS is like 100x more accurate.

Palringo is another piece of **** app. BeejiveIM is better.

Err. Windows Live Search is just an app, and it's a preloaded one at that. Most people don't like the OEMs that come on their phones/computers.

For your information, Live Search is not hardware, it's software. Your GPS is what's accurate, not the program. It may just be coincidence that Live works better with your GPS, I have never had any issues with my Titan (w/ unlocked GPS) communicating with Gmaps.

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