Nero Burning ROM 2014 v15.0.02700

Preserve your photos, videos, music with the most established burning technology in the industry. The award-winning Nero Burning ROM 12 reliably burns content to CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc. Easy to use and even easier to share, the robust burning solution comes with powerful security and customizable features that go beyond just burning.

Key features:

  • Burn long lasting discs - Exclusive Nero SecurDisc burning helps ensure disc readability regardless of scratches, age and deterioration.
  • Span multiple discs - With Nero DiscSpan, you can split oversized files and burn them to the number of required discs at one time.
  • Rip audio - Easily create playlists or CD mixes of your favorite tunes right on your computer for instant playback.
  • Disc Surface Scan - Go beyond just burning with more SecurDisc features such as surface scan, which offers additional reliability of burned optical discs.
  • Disc copy - Copy music to CDs and even HD movies to Blu-ray Disc quickly and easily.

Please note:

The Nero Trial version can be tested for 15 days starting from the date of installation.
AVCHD authoring and playback as well as MPEG-4 and BD-AV formats are not supported in the Nero Trial version.

Download: Nero Burning ROM 2014 v15.0.02700 | 78.2 MB (Shareware)
View: Homepage | Changelog (Not yet available)

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Perfect example of a good product gone bad. Burning ROM is still a great burning tool, but the pricing/upgrade/bloat policy of Ahead is going to end them.

it's all about IMGBurn for general data burning (it's pretty much the gold standard for data burning apps. just use MODE > BUILD for general data burning). for that rare occasion i need to burn AUDIO CD i use CDBurnerXP.

Can IMGBurn do sudio CDs at all? Only I do the same as you - use IMGBurn for everything except when I want to burn an audio CD in which case I use CDBurnerXP. But it'd be nice to just have one burner software on my computer that's for sure.

Yeah, i think technically it can using .cue stuff (i.e. ) but... it's not really as well setup in the interface to do it like it's DATA stuff is and you might need potential audio codec stuff installed etc so it can decode the audio back into .wav format so it can burn the AUDIO CD. so that's why i use CDBurnerXP since it's interface is better suited for AUDIO CD's and just works well out of the box as it has it's own stuff to decode the audio back to .wav when you burn a AUDIO CD.

Edited by ThaCrip, Oct 23 2013, 12:48am :

What do you guys use as alternatives? I still have Nero 10 and hated the bloat with it. I do have Imgburn installed but that I use for ISOs and what not...

nekkidtruth said,
Haven't used Nero in a long time. Used to be my go to for everything burning. Wonder if it's still the unnecessarily bloated.

Not since version 5. Nero used to be the software that you used to replace the bloatware that came with your CD or DVD burners or desktop machines. I really am surprised they still exist.

Every year there are less reasons to have dedicated CD/DVD/BR mastering software.