Nero General Clean Tool

Use Nero General Clean Tool to uninstall Nero or Nero related software. Uninstalling Nero 8 did not work correctly? Use Nero 8 CleanTool to delete all Nero 8 entries from your system.

Download: Nero General Clean Tool
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Tha Bloo Monkee said,
It's funny how that they have to make a "clean tool" to remove their own program. Terrible.

What will crack you up even more.... is that Nero isn't the only one playing that game!! There are several "clean" tools for lots of other programs.... PerfectDisk has one as well, though you have to contact their support department to get it.

This has nothing to do with what the installer package comes with, it is for leftover registry entries. This comes back to the actual programmers for not including the entries in the uninstaller. They wish you to use their product and not uninstall it so they put more effort into the installer than the uninstaller.
This gives registry cleaners purpose in life, but each one has different engines and rules/policies they follow to determine "invalid" and "valid" entries.
Cleaning your registry is only half the job. After that you need to defragment (compact) it. This is because when you remove an entry, a gap (aka "empty bytes") is left behind. Defragmenting/compacting removes the gaps and places everything in sequential order again.
The same concept can be applied to disk fragmentation except registry keys/values themselves do not become fragmented within the registry hives.

Anyway, the purpose of this tool is likely due to complaints relating to installing/uninstalling not going smoothly.