Netflix: 34m paid members; adds 2.03m in US in Q1 2013

Remember when Netflix was seen as a sinking ship? Not anymore. The Internet streaming movie and TV service stated today that it added 2.03 million new U.S. subscribers for the first quarter of 2013, compared to 1.74 million new subscribers for the same period a year ago.

Netflix's investor letter stated that overall, it now has 34 million paid subscribers worldwide (that number does not count free trial members). Revenues for the quarter came in at $1.02 billion, versus $870 million for the same period a year ago. The company recorded a profit of $3 million for the quarter, compared to a loss of $5 million for the same period a year ago.

Netflix launched its first original series, House of Cards, in February. While Netflix didn't give any specific viewing numbers for the 13 episode political drama it did say that less than 8,000 people who used Netflix's free trial cancelled after watching the show. The company's second original series, the horror drama Hemlock Grove, debuted last Friday and Netflix, again without giving specifics, says it was viewed by more subscribers globally in its first weekend than House of Cards.

Netflix also announced it will now have a new $11.99 a month plan that will approve four video streams from one account at the same time. At the moment, the current limit for the regular $7.99 account is for two streams at a time. Netflix expects less than one percent of its subscriber base to switch to the new plan. The company recently announced it was going to transition from using Microsoft's Silverlight API to an HTML5 solution for streaming video via PC web browsers.

Source: Netflix | Image via Netflix

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I like Netflix, but enjoy Hulu Plus way more. I last read Hulu only has only over 3M paying members. What's that about?! You can watch the shows you like usually the next morning. Netflix, not so much.

They only have a few million subscribers cause of the ads. If hulu would drop the ads from plus they'd likely see a huge spike in customers. Perhaps not up to netflix levels anytime soon, but it'd be a start to getting there.

Getting netflix again is one of the things I'm looking forward to. At the moment I have rural-style mobile broadband which works fine for browsing and downloading the odd file but has such low usage allowance that I can't really use netflix.

Moving in a few months hopefully and then some epic cable or fibre will be required. Oh and my satellite TV package? That'll be swiftly cancelled...pure dung and it's $58 a month rather than just $8

I have the blu-ray netflix 2 at a time package and I enjoy it, just wish they would lift that 30day wait till after release before you can get it that is the only gripe I have against netflix.

No matter how many haters there are out there who complain about the lack of Netflix content, it still trumps what cable tv offers for only $8 a month. It also comes in handy when we travel. Hotels, road trips, Netflix is an excellent value.

JHBrown said,
No matter how many haters there are out there who complain about the lack of Netflix content, it still trumps what cable tv offers for only $8 a month. It also comes in handy when we travel. Hotels, road trips, Netflix is an excellent value.

Man, hotels are an excuse for me to actually watch cable and remind myself why I don't bother with it anymore.

Even the cool channels have mostly gone to crud.

We only have a basic antenna (free) and Netflix Though once in a while we'll watch movies from Redbox, especially if they're offering their free movie coupon on whatever Monday.

I wish the PS3 version would stop requiring me to do an update every other week for NetFlix, before I am allowed to watch anything.

And now, with the latest version, when the app starts, I have to select the "normal" version or the "Kids Version", EVERY TIME!!! Why doesn't it remember my last choice?

Does NetFlix not hire good UX people to help design their software?

I'd be interested to see the stats for how many people use it overseas in countries where it's supposed to not be available.

I know plenty of people over here in Australia signed up to Netflix & Hulu via Unblock-Us.

dead.cell said,
It's a good service, but I left for Hulu because they have current shows I'm watching.

Hulu is an absolutely terrible service as long as ads remain in the pay plan..

I agree, but it's still not a big deal considering I can watch my shows in high quality without having to be annoyed with third party streams where the videos aren't there, low quality, out of sync, or take forever to load due to load on their servers.

If Netflix had these shows for that matter, I might still be a subscriber...