Netflix-like Blockbuster Movie Pass announced

For the past few weeks, it was rumored that the Dish Network satellite TV service would be using its recently acquired Blockbuster assets to launch a rival to Netflix's streaming movie and TV company. On Friday, the company finally announced Blockbuster Movie Pass which will give its users access to over 3,000 streaming movies for both PC and TVs. Unfortunately, it seems that this new service will also require a Dish Network subscription to use, at least for now.

The Blockbuster Movie Pass will also offer Dish Network users access to a DVD mail order rental service with over 100,000 movies and TV shows available, along with video game rentals and unlimited exchanges of DVDs and games at Blockbuster's remaining brick and mortar stores. Finally, Dish Network users will get 20 more channels with a Blockbuster Movie Pass plan. Current Dish Network users can add the new plan for $10 a month starting October 1. New Dish Network customers who sign up between October 1 and January 31 will be able to access Blockbuster Movie Pass for free for one year if the customers subscribe to the company's America’s Top 200 programming package.

While this new program might have a limited appeal due to people unwilling to dump their current cable TV or satellite provider, that will hopefully change. The Los Angeles Times reports that Michael Kelly, the president of Blockbuster, indicated that at some point the company would also announce a stand alone streaming video service that would not require a Dish Network subscription. That kind of a service would certainly be a bigger rival to Netflix.

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dish network does not have a isp service it comes as a bundles with your provider like tds. dish networks have quite a few agreed contracts

Oh and I also forgot to add....Dish Network doesn't even have Video On Demand. I mean they do, but it is TERRIBLE. The layout is a complete disaster, the selections are very limited and it's SLOW, no matter how fast of net you have, it's painfully slow.

This is dumb. The service should be free to anyone that has Americas 200 and 250 packages. I have the 250 package with 2 DVR's (which im paying out the ass for) and another standard Duo reciever.

I regret signing up with them. They lock you into a 2yr bull**** contract, and make you pay WAY too much for some channels i can get for FREE with other cable providers. I also pay 14 bucks a month for each of those DVR's AND an extra 7 on top of that for the actual DVR SERVICE.

Dish Network is a joke and I can't wait till next october to say good riddens and NEVER look back. Brighthouse, here I come.

How is this really different from the pay per view streaming they already have other than it's a monthly fee? What's the real benefit?

Wow blockbuster fails agian. This is a huge mistake on their part just like their previous streaming attempt was. No wonder they went bankrupt.

The Scarecrow said,
Wow blockbuster fails agian. This is a huge mistake on their part just like their previous streaming attempt was. No wonder they went bankrupt.

they never had a streaming attempted and Blockbuster was bought by dishnetwork so Dish owns them now

Rohdekill said,
Last time I checked, those streaming movies were pay on demand. So, you were charged a subscription rate then pay per movie.

Yes that is true Rohdekill there was a pay per movie option without a subscription but no streaming in the past. I guess everyone has their preference but more choices for Blockbuster will make them more competitive. This is one more piece of many for expansion and things will only keep getting better. I can't wait to sell the Blockbuster Movie Pass as an employee of Dish Network. My customers will be happy to have everything on one bill because on October 1st, it's free with over 20 movie channels too! I Have my movies mailed to my home as a Blockbuster member, but you can stop at one of Blockbuster's convenient locations or stream from your home 722 receiver or computer. Now that Blockbuster has streaming, watch out Netflix!