Netflix offers $6.99 a month option for new subscribers; one device and SD only

Netflix may be shedding over 100 movies and TV shows from its lineup after today but the streaming video service is still highly popular with over 40 million subscribers worldwide. This week, the company revealed a new and cheaper option for fresh customers, but there are a couple of catches.

As revealed by Ad Age, the service now lets new subscribers sign up for as little as $6.99 a month, compared to the previous lowest option of $7.99 a month. However, the new and cheap plan only allows customers to stream a video on one device at a time, and that clip is available just as an SD movie or TV episode. Signing up for $7.99 a month adds the rights to stream on up to two devices at the same time and also offers HD as well as SD resolution.

At the moment, this offer is just for new Netflix customers but the story claims that a customer rep revealed that the $6.99 a month plan will "definitely" be offered on a wider basis at some point. Since this latest option just started we should not see a huge effect on Netflix subscriber levels for quite some time.

Source: Ad Age | Image via Netflix

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Netflix= deadfish in the water. what has been happening is Netflix stopped their contracts witg big name studios. Netflix- just another hulu rip-off

UK Price plan options at the moment are:
Watch on 2 screens at the same time for £5.99 a month
Watch on 4 screens at the same time for £8.99 a month
All plans offer: Unlimited TV programmes and films in HD or SD with Netflix on as many devices as you want.

For some one like me who very seldom even watches tv, as I think that is a total waste of time, especially when you consider what kind of crap is on it, this might not be a bad way to sample Netflix, as I've never been a customer of theirs, but my wife is FINALLY contemplating cutting the chord with cable!

The HD vs, SD thing might be an issue if I even owned a HD tv, but I don't and I can't stand just setting in front of a computer watching shows. Another waste of time!

Luckily for me, I still have a life and neither tv or the internet dictates my life style. I still actually get out and go visit people and the such!

So instead of bring the old deals back DVD + Streaming for $9.99 or DVD/Blu-Ray + Streaming for $11.99 they are going to cheapen them more for less movies and TV Shows, this makes sense good job because Netflix is soon going to turn out like cable since all I see now are kids shows and movies or reality shows and documentaries. At this rate Netflix is going to turn out like Blockbuster.

Questionable tactics. If it were even $5.99 it might be more attractive to some, but I still don't see the point, it isn't like $7.99 is a huge charge.

Sekyal said,
Questionable tactics. If it were even $5.99 it might be more attractive to some, but I still don't see the point, it isn't like $7.99 is a huge charge.

If they are lowering it, then they should lower the price to match. pay for low quality, then pay low price, pay higher price then get higher quality

If the Dutch Netflix is anything like what the UK got, it's no where near as good as the amount of content the American version offers. I can see why HD would have to be offered as well. lol

That said, I was using Netflix at launch in the UK and things might have improved since, but it just pains me to know we're probably paying more for less already.

Yeah, the Dutch Netflix has limited content, a boat load of Power Rangers though (almost a quarter of all TV shows is Power Rangers)
But its slowly getting more, a lot of Dutch shows are starting to appear (like some of our classics <3 Alfred J Kwak )

And it gives us quite some cabaret to watch too... and slowly the american shows are appearing.

But its fine, change your DNS and get the American version This way Netflix easily outclasses any cable provider.

Are you sure it's mostly power rangers?

When I first got Netflix it was via a sign up the Roku box and the interface was pretty much limited to just showing recommended content. I had to login to the Netflix website and check a load of boxes for what I wanted to watch, otherwise it felt like there was pretty much nothing of interest on there for me to watch. (and one of the pitfalls that there isn't multiple profiles for Netflix)

6 pages of search requests when looking for "Power Rangers". Few Films but most are series.

And yeah it only shows when i list all TV Shows, not in my recommended or anything luckily.

Just for reference

I'm mainly using US Netflix though, family members here are on Dutch (due to subtitles mainly)

This is a common marketing tactic. They already have you thinking about how much better the deal for $7.99 is. People will give an initial look for a cheap price them bump themselves up to more expensive options that appear to be a much better value, which was what Netflix wanted all along.

I don't use Netflix but for $6.99 just for my phone would be kind of perfect...

Geoffrey B. said,
for the extra 2 bucks you get more than one device and HD so why not just spend it. this plan is kinda stupid.
It's only a $1 more...

Wouldn't work for me - I let multiple people borrow my Netflix account and I need HD.

You get half of what is offered by paying 7$ instead of 8$? It should only be like 5$ then as the content itself is the same.