Netflix offers Subscribers Unlimited Streaming

For those about to yell "dupe story!", this is a follow-up to the previous newspost. It turns out that the Associated Press’ information was correct. Since introducing PC-based movie watching last year, the company had taken a "metered" approach to the feature, offering, in essence, an hour per month of instant watching on a PC for every dollar of a subscriber's monthly subscription plan. Now, Netflix Incorporated is giving all Netflix subscribers on unlimited rental plans, which start as low as $8.99 a month, the added benefit of unlimited streaming of movies and TV episodes on their PCs – for no additional fee.

"Unlimited has always been a very powerful selling point with our subscribers and a large part of what set us apart in the marketplace. In talking with members about our streaming feature during the past year, it became clear that, as with DVDs, the idea of streaming unlimited movies and TV episodes on a PC resonated quite strongly. And we're now in a good position to offer that," said Leslie Kilgore, the company's chief marketing officer.

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... now if only you could stream those movies to a Media Center Extender (ie: Xbox 360) then I'd be sold!

Good call. That would be awesome.

When I subscribed to Netflix I actually used the "Watch Now" feature quite a bit and was a little angry that I was limited in the amount I could use it. This may entice me back to the service.

At first I thought the feature was useless, but I find myself using it more and more, it's a great way to sample a movie a little on your computer and then add it to your DVD queue if you want to watch it on the big screen.