New and Updated Windows Home Server information

There is some new content available that some of you may find interesting. The first of a series of Technical Briefs has been published, and a troubleshooting document to help people get the Windows Home Server Connector installed and configured on their home computers is now available. Additionally, the Windows Home Server Reviewer's Guide has been updated with a little additional information, the new document version is 1.0a.

More Technical Briefs are in the works, and there are also a growing number of Knowledge Base articles for Windows Home Server.

News source: TechNet Blogs

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DJ Prem said,
Thats all great but when is the product actually getting released is the question?

MS is waiting for HPs slow ass to get their WHS box's ready or something. HP says they're waiting for MS to patch something, but w/e. Basically I blame HP for the delay.