New Apple ads target Microsoft ads

Now taking a different approach, Apple has released 2 new ads not only targeting Microsoft's OS, but their advertising methods as well. Microsoft's first line of ads featuring Jerry Seinfeld was much hyped, but proved to deliver more confusion than a solid advertisement. These ads by Apple however, seem to be more of a direct attack rather than showing what a Mac has to offer.

In the first ad, "V Word", Apple pokes fun at Microsoft for not saying "Vista" in any of their advertisements but using more well known terms such as "Microsoft". Coincidentally or maybe not, Microsoft was recently awarded a patent for blocking out swear words.

The second ad, "Bean Counter", mainly focuses on the $350 million amount that Microsoft spent on their advertisement campaign, instead of spending money to improve Vista as an OS.

These ads bring up the dying question, is this just a friendly competition, or are they taking it too far? Do you feel the novelty of these advertisements is starting to wear off? Apple and Microsoft seem to be in a heated battle of advertising and not achieving what the consumers want to see.

Apple ad - V Word:

Apple ad - Bean Counter:

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