New Apple TV software update pulled after Friday release

Some owners of the Apple TV set-top box got to download version 6.0 of its software on Friday. While the new version adds some extra features for Apple TV users, it also brought some problems to the device as well.

9to5Mac reports that many Apple TV owners were not able to download content after the update was installed, even if there was an active Internet connection available. Other users found the update deleted content that was already stored on the device. Some have even claimed that the 6.0 update bricked their Apple TV completely, making it unusable.

Apple has yet to officially comment on these reports, but the company has apparently gone ahead and pulled the automatic version of the 6.0 Apple TV update, although it is still available as a manual download from Apple's website. We would suggest that owners of the set top box don't bother downloading this software until Apple works the kinks out of it.

The Apple TV 6.0 update launched at the same time as the iPhone 5c and 5s went on sale Friday and added iTunes Radio, iTunes Music Store, conference room mode and even more features to the mix

Source: 9to5Mac | Image via Apple

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Upgraded mine, it went through, but it wasn't hassle-free. I had to force-reset mine after install, and then the regional settings and time zone had been reset to USA so that I couldn't accept some new Terms of Use for the new Shared Photostream support.

I'm fine now, but I don't think this was a poor call.

Well then it's not bricked then

All jokes a bout the definition of bricking aside, I'm honestly surprised apple of all companies let this happen? Usually they have a very stringent testing phase that eliminates such problems.

What the hell is going on in the Cupertino office?

Northgrove said,
Probably some circumstances that didn't happen during QA testing, for whatever reason.

Well, iOS7 has also had bugs that should have been spotted during QA. The QA team seems to do a kind of crappy job these days.