New Apple Xserve RAID Details Leaked

A pre-production unit of Apple's upcoming Xserve RAID enterprise level server has leaked. The new Xserve stays is still an aluminum brushed machine like its predecessors, but it uses Serial ATA (SATA) drives instead of regular parallel ATA (IDE) drives. Like the current Xserve RAID, the pre-production unit appears to be able to take up to 7TB of storage (14x500GB). It is expected that Apple will release the new Xserve RAID near the Leopard release date. Xserve RAID starts at $5,999 USD for 1TB of storage and peaks at $12,999 USD for 7TB of storage. If that price tag isn't enough for you, optional features such as cache-backup battery units can always up the ante.

News source: AppleInsider (via DailyTech)

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why arnt they using SCSI? Heck our 5TB HP MSA StorageWorks SAN cost $15,000 and its full SCSI 15K RPM drives with dual redundancy....

sLm4ever said,
$12,999 o_O; !!!!?

me no like this ...

Well buy the cheapest model and then buy 12X500GB drives yourself for, lets say....... $1800(?)
So then that's $7800. You might be able to use 750GB drives instead and it would still probably be cheaper than $12,999.