New Barnes & Noble Nook due May 24

Barnes & Noble, today, sent out invitations to several media outlets to an event taking place next Tuesday, May 24th. The event will be held at the same New York City Barnes & Noble store where the Nook Color made its debut just last year in October. For now, an unveiling of a new Nook device is just speculation, but an SEC filing from the bookseller earlier this month basically confirmed the date and that the product would be a new ereader.

Currently, Barnes & Noble offers its Nook in two flavors: the touchscreen Nook Color priced at $249 and the standard eink model priced at $149. The latter, while in features is closer to the Amazon Kindle, is a bit behind in terms of pricing — the Kindle recently had a price cut, now starting at $114.

Little is known about what features a new Nook device would sport, but CNET is placing its bets on the device being a successor to the original Nook. That is to say, they're expecting an eink device that's "compact, lower-priced, [and] monochrome" to compete with the Kindle. But a filing Fission LLC, Barnes & Noble's front company, shows they registered the phrase "The simple touch reader," most likely as a slogan to use for the new device due next Tuesday.

A touchscreen eink reader would definitely be a step up from Amazon's Kindle, but certainly not a first.

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Greatbigdragon said,
I'm looking forward to seeing what they might have up their sleeve.

If its a 1ghz+ version 2 of their ebook color at the same price, i'll probably ditch my Kindle. i love my e-ink screen, but not enough that i want to stick to kindles proprietary format (unique format i guess.. i can convert to it but meh)

The Nook Color has to be the cheapest priced Android Tablet one could by today. Part of its success is due to the fact that it is "rootable" via the SD Card slot. Aside from that, I bought this for my girlfriend for Christmas. She reads a lot of books (around 10 a month) but has yet to pay for one book.

One of the great features of the Nook Color is the library borrowing feature. You set it up with your county library and are put one a short waiting list to borrow books free for 14 days. Not a bad deal. It's especially great in NYC. For those that don't know, NYC has three Library branches that cover the NYC 5 boroughs. The New York Public Library (NYPL) which covers Manhattan, Bronx and Staten Island; The Brooklyn Library; The Queens Library. As long as you are a resident of NYC, you have access to all three Library cards which means more choices for you on the Nook Color.

Also another great feature of the Nook Color is when you are in a B&N, you can read any book for free for up to an hour while you are connected to there WiFi. When you are there on Friday's, you also get one free book that they push out. They are books you normally have to pay for.

If you are looking for an eReader and are not looking to by a tablet like the Samsung Tab, Motorola Xoom or the iPad 2 because of price, then this is your best choice. It maybe more expensive than the Kindle but it pays out in time with the free books you get from your local library.

My girlfriend and I are curious what the new Nook will bring to the table.

UndergroundWire said, are connected to there [their] WiFi. When you are there on Friday's, you also get one free book that they push out. They are books you [would] normally have to pay for.

fixed it for you


They are the largest bookstore in the U.S. with 700+ stores and they operate over 630 college bookstores. No physical presence outside the U.S., though.


Aryeh Goretsky